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All i thought that if you've got the resources you can easily see all the beautiful things you wanted to see, but i was wrong in the case of Mt. Everest. It was a struggle, a combination of pain & laughter to be close to one of the best creation of mother nature!
We set off from HK to Chengdu & Visited the Panda breeding center. The next day we, flew from Chengdu to Lhasa - arrived in Lhasa with an altitude of 3,600m high above sea level. Our guide & driver took us to our hotel to rest. Hours after arriving in Lhasa, I started to feel the altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS). I was feeling drowsy, irritated & nausea. At midnight, I took the first doze of portable oxygen as I couldn't sleep, I also took the Rhodiola or Hongjingtian pill (made of whatever) for altitude sickness.
Next morning, i woke up with a heavy head, still in Lhasa, trying to Acclimatise. Part of me wanted to stay in bed but i decided to have a walk and visited the Potala Palace, once home of the Dalai Lamas.
Still feeling drowsy, we prepare to leave Lhasa to drive 8 hours to Xigatse. On the way to Xigatse, we stopped at Gangbala pass w/c is 4,900m high above sea level. Here, AMS struck me again. We stayed overnight in Xigatse and another oxygen for me till morning.
The next day we drive from Xigatse to Mt. Everest Base Camp & spent the night at EBC. I didn't sleep the whole night, throwing up & shiverring, more bottles of oxygen scattered everywhere. It was my worst night i have ever encountered in my whole life. To me, i was between life & death!
Another day at EBC and Tsepping, our Tibetan guide woke us up & took us outside to have a closer look of Mt. Everest. I was speechless, I can't believe standing infront of the worlds highest mountain, so beautiful! We were suppose to stay two nights at the base camp but I got soo sick. Tsepping our guide & Pinba our driver agreed to take me down to a lower altitude before my condition get worst. Helicopter can't fly meout due to zero visibility.
We arrrive & spent the night in Xigatse, I feel much better & have to ditch my oxygen as i was able to acclimatise. Then we drove back to Lhasa. I feel more than okay w/out the help of my dear friends "oxygen"
Well, I consumed 6 bottles of portable oxygen that to me it looks like an air freshner than an oxygen. Then our guide brought in a bigger tank just in case I needed more supply of oxygen.
From Xigatse to Tingri on the way to Mt. Everest, there was no proper place to eat. We had our packed lunch & we sometimes approach the nomad family to give us shelter for a couple of minutes so we can eat our food as it is impossible to eat outside due to the freezing weather condition. Food in Tibet is between bad & worst, but there are times we feel it was the best food on the planet, especially for me, maybe because I was sick & needed to have something in my stomach for my medicine. We were suppose to trek from Rongphuk monastery til the base camp, but i declined as my body couldn't take the AMS anymore.
From HK we brought some pens, pencils, writting pads, chocolates & cookies. On the way to EBC we stopped in small village & distribute some to the nomads.
We also have the opportunity to spend a day with Tibetan Family & Tibetan nomads who leaves in a tent in the middle of nowhere. They don't have anything, but  they always have a big smile in their face welcoming us into their home, serving us black tibetan tea.
To make the story short, the trip to Himalayas wasn't glamorous or a vacation I would look forward to. Everday is different day & you don't know what to expect.
But i guess, it was worth all the pain as we come face to face with the world's highest mountain, the ever gorgeous & mysterious - MT. EVEREST!
For more faces of Tibet & Himalayas please click the link below.
johan0604 says:
Toobadly you had the sickness,but is an experiance not much people had for climbing overthere.
Nice pictures by the way.
Posted on: Apr 08, 2008
Ferreira says:
Hi! are you an asthmatic or just got AMS for no particular reason?
I am a bit asthmatic, that's why I ask, for when it comes to go there too ;-)
but you did right, leaving before reaching your destination in those conditions!
Posted on: Nov 25, 2007
ted332 says:
Grabeha ni nga experience oi. Nagda unta ka og film crew kay pwede na ka maghimo og documentary. ha ha ha "Ang Reina sa Oxygen", mao toy title. :):)

Hmmm I almost forgot about AMS. They were in my textbooks in college. Good reminder. One among the necessary health precautions in Asia; aside from heat stroke, dengue fever, red tide, avian flu, etc.
Posted on: Oct 26, 2007
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Everest Base Camp
photo by: marg_eric