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the Dumonds and the swiss girls! from left: Nadia, M. Dumond, Stephanie, Mme Dumond

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updating...did you know that the french have lovely keyboards that are VERY different from the american keyboards? Slows down typing a lot...

Anyway, I'll try to catch y'all up on the past couple of days:

We arrived in Montpellier on Saturday afternoon, and were met by our host families at the train station. My host family is fantastic!!! I have been very blessed with a kind family and one of the best locations...the appartment where I live is ONE block down the street from where I have class every day; ONE block in the other direction is the center of town, the "Place de la Comedie," with a beautiful fountain in the large courtyard, many outdoor cafes, and often live music of some sort. Our appartment is the top in the building, and I can walk out on a small terrace just outside the windows of my room and have a gorgeous view of the town!

My host family, the Dumonds, are an older couple who are retired  but frequently host students. In fact, there are 2 swiss students here now - just for 2 weeks - which is fun (and a happy suprise; not only do I get to practice my french, but also my german...which, I've discovered, is seriously lacking!). The dinner table is interesting - we speak an odd mixture of french, german, and english. Mme Dumond is a wonderful cook and prepares lots of traditional regional cuisine so we get the full french experience. I have had duck, a dish made with zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes cooked in olive oil (very common here), and several other delicious items! And every night after dinner, we have cheese for dessert! It's yummy!

I need to run - we have class in again in just a little bit (I'm on lunch break now). But guess what we studied this morning? Wine! Different labels, different categories, etc. Good, practical information. Unfortunately, now I must move on to the less interesting...history and literature in 19th century France.

I'll try to write again soon!

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the Dumonds and the swiss girls! f…
the Dumonds and the swiss girls! …
photo by: Marina2710