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So today after class (yes on a SATURDAY) we went to this chateau on the outskirts of montpellier for a wine tasting! It was fun...we tasted some red, white, and rose wines. I really can't say I had a favorite, because they were all good in unique ways. But it was exciting, because something we learned in our previously class actually came in handy! When the lady who was explaining all the wines to us asked us if we were familiar with "aoc" wines, we were able to say yes!! [sidenote - there are four rankings of wine here in france: 1. AOC (highest quality) 2. VDQS 3. Vins de Pays 4. Vins de Tables (lowest quality)] So today, we got to try some "AOC" wine!

We also took a tour of the chateau and learned/saw some really cool things. For example, they had some ORGINAL sketches by both Rembrant and Durer!!! You'd think those would be kept under lock and key at a museum somewhere, but there they were, just casually hanging on the wall of this random chateau! They also had a letter that Voltaire wrote one of the girls in the noble family who lived at the chateau. Apparently, she sent him some poetry and asked his opinion, and he sent it back to her with an enclosed note telling her to throw it away and stop writing!!! Harsh...

Oh! And Wednesday night this week I got the chance to go to this fantastic concert at the main theater in the center of Montpellier! I got home from school that afternoon and the Dumonds told me they had tickets that they couldn't use for that night, so would I like them? I happily accepted and heard a wonderful performace by the Montpellier orchestra of Handel's Water Music! The orchestra was magnificent - so good, in fact, that everybody in the theater applauded so long and loudly that the director finally came out for a short encore! Tres Amusant~!

Et demain, la plage encore... ;)

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