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Pros about France:

-the bread is superb

-you can walk down any street and find said bread in about 3 different locations

-they have better cheese

-they say funny things like "oohhh la la" - really, they actually do say that

-every city here is infinitely more walkable than pretty much every american city

-system of public transportation is WAY better...trains, buses, trams...we should learn from the europeans

-"drinking age" is 18, but i've never actually seen them card anybody...they're much more relaxed about it here

Cons about France:

-no air conditioner

-they stink at making lines (for example, in the grocery store) and they are very inefficient at the cash registers

-good food, but not as much variety in their food

-it's hot here

-stores/restaurants just randomly close if the owner feels like going on vacation for a couple of weeks

-no air conditioner

-lots of people smell (not trying to be mean, truly! just stating honest fact); though if you see the above comment, can you really blame them?

-there are no laws about dogs and keeping them on leashes...they are everywhere and they leave "presents" all over the streets...it's pretty gross...

-there's no such thing as a free refill

-ice in drinks DOES exist, but they are VERY stingy with it

-there's no airconditioner


CONCLUSION: I love France, it's been great, but I have a newfound appreciation for America the Beautiful...home of sweet tea, BBQ, chick-fil-a, and airconditioning.

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mon - went to the beach with the dumonds and their daughter, saw Le Grande Mote, and went to Aigues Mortes (kind of like a mini carcassonne) and ate dinner there

tues - school...ateliers...the usual

wed - went to arles to see the course camargaise (sp?) - aka bull games - and then ate dinner at a very yummy restaurant in Nimes

And now I'm going to take this opportunity to vent a little:

IT IS SOOOOO HOT HERE. Seriously, we're talking the kind of heat that is so bad, that even when the sun goes down, there's no relief. No one can sleep because it's just that hot...basically, you just lie there in a pool of your own sweat dreaming/salivating about airconditioning...I think I MIGHT have slept about 3-4 hours a night for the past week or so. And while I've been managing on about 6 hrs a night the entire summer (still not great, but certainly sufficient), 3-4 hours every single night really just doesnt cut it. Last night I literally got out of my bed, moved my pillow to the hard stone floor, and stayed there for an hour or so because it was perhaps a few degrees cooler than my bed...

All I can say is, Switzerland better be cooler than this, otherwise I think I might die. (ok yes thats an exaggeration, but it would make for a much better trip.)

ALSO, I promise to never, ever, ever, never, ever complain about being cold. EVER again. I think I forgot what that feels like...I can only dream...

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