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The thieves were fifteen meters down the road by the time I realized that I had just been robbed. From behind, a black motorbike eased beside my bicycle to match my speed. That should have signaled the first indication of trouble. As I looked back forward, a greedy hand gripped the shoulder bag which was tucked neatly into a deep cargo basket mounted in front of my handlebars. Before my very eyes and right out from under my nose, the bag vanished as the thieves sped away.


Besides for the loss, I was bummed that it took so long to realize that what was happening had already happened. As if in slow motion, there must have been time to react with physical confrontation, a daring collision to stop them, resistance, or simple avoidance by swerving away.


Inside the worn and weathered shoulder bag from 1980 Nairobi: the awesome 35mm-style Fujifilm 5000 digital camera given to me by my step-sister Carol, in Chicago, about fifteen months ago; a pair of one-Dollar 3-power reading glasses in a colorful woven case from Bolivia; my favorite krama from Cambodia - the multipurpose checkered cloth that I last used as a neck scarf on the cold nights in Dalat; my last black-ink Bic pen, medium point; and a fresh pack of Pall Mall cigarettes, reds.


The loss would have been much worse if I was pedaling to a wireless internet connection with a  basketed daypack containing my laptop. Fortunately, I can replace what I lost. My next camera will be smaller, one that I can carry in a pocket, and now I only use the bicycle basket for small bags of groceries - then go straight home.


I had first seen the culprits parked aside the 4-lane beach boulevard (Tran Phu Street), along a desolate stretch between the airport and town. Shortly after I pedaled past them, they hit. The driver wore a black helmet which is common, but the thief, who had a round, full face, wore a bright and shiny competition-orange helmet, the only one of that color that I have seen in Nha Trang. They were last seen northbound on the same boulevard, rifling through the bag that used to be mine.

wildbrumby says:
Puk...I know how that feels! Book 'em Danno!!
I had my laptop stolen from me at the airport in my home town of Brisbane on my return from Thailand. Lost with it were cd's with the beginnings of my autobiography, photos I have no hard copies of, and heps of other personal information.....all irreplaceable.
Love your blogs. I make them my bedtime reading, adding to my wish lists of places to travel BEFORE I retire!
Posted on: Oct 21, 2008
cmwish says:
Oh man, sorry to hear about it.
Posted on: Mar 05, 2008
sylviandavid says:
It would kill me to lose my camera discs.... so sorry that happened to you.... you have an excellent attitude. sylvia
Posted on: Feb 14, 2008
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Nha Trang
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