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The main road through Lonely Beach

As on all of the beaches of Koh Chang, the main road through Lonely Beach has numerous shops which all seem to sell the same t-shirts, hammocks, printed cloths, sea shell jewelry, and other souvenirs. Several bars, restaurants, internet offices, and two small convenience stores line the narrow, hilly road.


I stopped at the 7-11 to buy a three-pack of Oreo cookies - the ones with a white filling instead of chocolate. The basic Oreo is chocolaty enough for me. I never buy them at home but here they make for a fine snack with a bottle of cold water after a late night of beer drinking.  As I scanned a back shelf for the western treats, I noticed a snake slither under a white cooler in the far corner of the store.

End of the hunt
It seemed out of place in that air-conditioned building and appeared to have little traction on the white-tiled, spotless floor. It actually sidled more than slithered - almost like the sidewinders I had seen in the scorching desert sands on hot Iraqi nights.


Like most of the 7-11's in California, the clerk spoke no English. I held my hands out about two feet apart,  wiggled my right one in a forward motion, then pointed to the floor toward the white cooler. After performing the gestures two or three times, he understood and promptly approached the cooler on  hands and knees carrying a small flashlight and a short bamboo broom.  When he began jabbing the broom handle beneath the cooler, I recalled the same scene countless times in western Africa where small spitting cobras found their way into our houses and hotel rooms. I didn't know if this snake was poisonous or not, but stood well back while the clerk quickly killed the cornered reptile.

bkretzer says:
I would love to sit in on an interview with a prospective American 7-11 clerk when told that a job requirement was to kill wayward snakes. LOL
Posted on: Apr 04, 2008
SolitariusI says:
I think, Dan, that it is a requirement for 7-11 clerks not to speak any English.
Posted on: Nov 18, 2007
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The main road through Lonely Beach
The main road through Lonely Beach
End of the hunt
End of the hunt
Ko Chang
photo by: rotorhead85