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Ferry ride back to Fajardo

Arriving  back in Fajardo, we hopped in the rental car and headed back to the B&B to get ready for dinner and our evening event:  A tour of a bioluminiscent lagoon.  Now, most probably know what these are, and for those who don't they are basically bays/lagoons that are home to a species of dinoflagellates, which are a type of plankton, that give off a glow when disturbed.  This can be compared to the light that a firefly provides, or so I was told.  According to our tour, there are only 5 that are constantly bioluminiscent (3 in PR, 1 in the Bahamas, and I believe 1 in Jamaica), while there are other seasonal bays and such throughout the world. 

Anyway, we dined al fresco at the Oceanview Restaurant, which from the outside isn't extremely easy on the eyes, but was worth a shot, for there were many locals dining, and the food looked good.  I had conch in a picante sauce that was pretty nice, although, I could taste the butter in it.  Oh well.  Anyway, this place was right by the launch point for the tour, so it was easy to make our way from dinner to the meeing point. 

We had booked our tour with "Kayaking Puerto Rico", but there are many others that do the same tour, and all were gathered fairly close together.  I didn't compare prices, so I can't help you there, but the staff for KPR were extremely down to earth, friendly, and knowledgable.  So I would definitly reccomend these guys.

The tour was scheduled to leave at 8, but actually left a little later.  A brief kayaking tutorial was presented, and we were on our way in double person kayaks from the bay, through a mangrove lined channel, and finallly into the lagoon.  The channel was extremely dark, and you were only guided by lights from the lifejackets of the single-filed kayaking duo ahead of you.  Mistakes were made among the group, such as collisions with the mangroves.  Once in the lagoon, it was almost a surreal experience.  Fish that swam by were accompanied by a glowing blue trail, each movement with the oar left lingering neon flashes, and hand contact with the water left a brief, but impacting blue glitter.  The tour guide gathered the group together and explained some of the history, tourism, and science behind the lagoon and then we were free to paddle as we pleased.   Travel time, with travel from the bay through the channel included, lasted about 2 hours, and refreshments were provided upon conclusion.  Sadly, no alcoholic beverages were present. 

sylviandavid says:
The kayaking sounds so fun!
Posted on: Dec 14, 2007
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Ferry ride back to Fajardo
Ferry ride back to Fajardo
photo by: venusgurl28