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We started out the day with a knock on our door at the Ivy 2 telling us that our bus was here to go the bus station for our journey to Phnom Penh. This knock came 15 minutes early and basically we've learned that all times we're told are fairly arbitrary. We got on the Mekong Express bus (breakfast included, all for $9) and travelled in companionable silence as I was lost in my thoughts and Regina was dozing. We stopped halfway at one of the provinces where they were selling fried crickets on the side of the road. I was too much of a chicken and bought pineapple instead. I was trying to switch it up from my standard lychee purchased, but I think I like lychee better here.

Upon arriving in Phnom Penh, we started walking aways, ended up taking a moto taxi to the lakeside guesthouses. We basically overpaid the guy for a short ride, especially since he couldn't drive us all the way as as the alley road had turned into a ditch. We had to wade through mud rather comically while touts yelled at us "Hey lady, wnat to see Happy guesthouse?" We checked out Lakeside No 10 Guesthouse first but were given a room that didn't lock and the bathrooms were shit so we walked next door to No 11 which is actually called Happy and is quite nice. We have a room with a double bed for $2 with the bathroom down the hall, by far our cheapest find. We chilled on the terrac eating our late lunch and ordered as it started pouring. Oddly enough, it took me by surprise as I had forogotten it was monsoon season. As we waited for our food, 70s music was blasting on the sound system and I had an inkling of how it must have felt to be a GI in a hot country. A little boy in a boat collecting cans and water bottles parked his boat under our deck and sat out the rain with us. Quite charming, even if all he said was "Hello! I want dollar." We read our travel books listening to the rain and decided by 5pm it was time to get off our asses and check out something in Phnom Penh. We wandered through St 88 where we had to wade again, this time through water up to our shins that had collected from the rain. We walked towards Wat Phnom, a temple on top of Phnom Penh's only hill. Upon our return the ditch extended even farther and we had to wade back in mud while people yelled us "Hey lady, be careful, you get your clothes dirty!" Tomorrow onwards to Saigon.

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Phnom Penh
photo by: terminalfunk