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On Wednesday we ended up wandering around Hue trying to find the local food specialty specific to Hue. We saw this random alley with a sign pointing down it with the the words "Banh Beo" and rice specialty cake as the translation given. It turned out to be what I was looking for and I was so happy when I saw it that the women laughed. We ordered one of each on the menu (which was 4 items) and I'm sure the woman thought we were huge fatties, but she humored us just the same. We emerged from the shady alley only to find a bar/cafe right next to us. We went inside where a large party was laughing and we sat down at our table by ourselves, rebuffing repeated attempts to try to get them to join us. Finally we gave up and sat down with us, only to be presented with the stereotypes of the world. A French businessman who actually owned the cafe, a French guy who was training in Vietnamese martial arts, the sleazy Italian lawyer, the sweet Belgian student dealing with earthworms in Hue for his project, the Hue football team  whose diverse members came from Cameroon, South Africa, Brazil, and Italy, and topped off by the 19 year old Brit whose gap year involved teaching English in Hue. I guess we were big news there since these expats were tired of seeing each other night after night. They took us with them on the back of their motorbikes to a Vietnamese discoteque where our new friends, about 80% of them super sleazy, kept trying to hit on the Vietnamese girls there. When the disco closed at 1, we were herded to this bar Brown Eyes and didn't end up going to sleep till 4am. Regina was involved with discussion the Italian lawyere since she hopes to go to law school and the Belgian student politely ranted against US politics, but I let him because he said something I liked. He left Belgium because he said small country, small spirit. which his reason for travelling around. Woke up at 7am to catch our boat cruise, which consisted mostly of visiting tombs. Needless to say, by the late afternoon, we were pretty much tombed out. But we did meet our new friends, 2 Belgian girls, an Aussie, and a flaming Brit who is hilarious! We met up with them in Hanoi and are now planning to go to Halong Bay with them. 
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photo by: Paulovic