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So on the way to the airport from Hanoi in our taxi while listening to heartbreaking music, we get in a car accident. The sad part about it was that Regina and I were totally unphased. "Oh, maybe we should put our seat belts on now." Actually, what was really sad was the driver nearly got into an accident at first, turned around to say sorry, then actually hit the guy. Which sucked big time for him. Regina and I being the unconsiderate jerks that we usually are asked each other "Does this mean we're gonna be late to the airport?" Luckily, the driver jumped out to talk to the guy he hit and got into the car with that man while his friend jumped into the driver's seat. We buckled up, since this guy was now yelling on the phone while driving and nearly crahsed into someone else. As the music swelled to a crescendo in the car, Regina and I thought about how sad we were to leave Vietnam and some of the funnier things we remembered. Some of the cuts that made our list:

1. Everyone sings in Vietnam. More noticeable as you work your way up North. At first, we thought we had just run into someone who liked to sing, but no, every city we went it became more and more pronounced.

2. Blatantly littering is accetable. Our favorite memeory is this old man in Hoi An who grunted and then threw out his plastic bag that contained his drink moments before right in front of our feat (unintentionally).

3. This brings us to number 3, where littering is actually the way they collect trash. They throw into in the street, someone sweeps it into piles, and then garbage women, not men, come by and collect the trash in the middle of the night.

4. Maternity clothing here is extremely unflattering.

5. Asian grandmas and kids are adorable. ALL OF THEM!

6. I've never met so many people eager to speak to me and practice their English. It doesn't matter that I come from the US. As one taxi driver said, Vietnam and the US now are "family." "Same same, but different." Right....


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photo by: mario26