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One of our stops on our journey from Tambacounda to Bamako, a beautiful little place on the Senegal river called Kayes

We came to the town of Kayes during the last light of the day when the afternoon sun casts an orange hue on everything.  The transition from one landscape to that of the town came quickly.  From Baobab trees and scrub brush to a sudden transformation of green, lush fields growing all variety of vegetables.  Within moments of observing acre upon acre of these fields we caught a glimpse of a grand river behind rows of buildings set along its shore. So it was this river that fed all of this greenery. At the time we didn't know where we were and signs are less than abundant in West Africa so it wasn't until after I got home that I learned this was the Senegal River.  We tooled slowly through the main road that weaved through the town and finally made a left turn onto the long bridge that crossed the Senegal River. Immediately after crossing, there was a large area that could best be described as a bus yard that we turned into. Busses from every direction going to destinations across West Africa stopped here to take care of mechanical issues, to let some passengers off and take new ones on.  The process was pretty extensive since the bus crews had to get on top of the bus and unstrap all the cargo to get some of the baggage out, rearrange it all and add the newly-boarding passengers items and tie it all down tight once again.

Still more coming...

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One of our stops on our journey fr…
One of our stops on our journey f…
photo by: leah151
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