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vienna is pretty nice, but, our hostel mostly sucks. when i came downstairs to ask the reception if they had the games on, the guy reached for a board game. they dont have a tv here, so i headed out to find a place to watch the world cup matches.

luckily just a block away is a different hostel - wombats. this place is decked out with close to 10 plasma tvs all showing the matches of course. theyve also got a pretty nice kitchen, bar, and lounge, though there is no foosball unfortunately.

i guess im still on a prague schedule, but this city seems absolutely dead to me compared to prague. everyone goes to bed at midnight, or certainly by 2am. i mean hell.. the bar at our hostel is only open until 1130.. what?! in prague our timeline looked like..

world cup, drinking, foosball - 1500-2300
hostel bar - 2300-2400
barhopping - 2400-0600 give or take depending.

city hall

wakeup at 1000-1100
breakfast - this is how you know its a party hostel.. their breakfast is from 1000-1300 on weekdays, and 1100-1400 on weekends.. talk about catering to a late night crowd, it was great. most hostels breakfast begins at 0700, and ends by 1000.

rinse, repeat, 6 days, definitely blurred together. spent with a bunch of brits, aussies, irish, and a welsh guy - ive started picking up the accent and vocab also and i find myself saying things with it quite often.

spent a bit of time sightseeing here in vienna, everything is all screwed up though because of bushs visit. lots of stuff downtown was closed or blockaded. i guess most of the sites here are museums.. but i havent been to any, the architecture is quite nice downtown, especially when it was lit up at night.


off to paris tonight at 2200, should arrive before 1100.

gotta go buy stuff to make dinner at the hostel im not staying at while i watch their tvs and use their free internet. infact, i dont know who stays there. ive met maybe 6 people over there watching the game, and none of them are staying there.. the majority of them are staying at our crappy hostel. oh well, its got a great kebab stand across the street from it, which im also addicted to, maybe ill grab one or two for the train ride tonight.


by the way, i am entirely spoiled over beer prices in prague. 40usd would get you 1 gallon of good beer per night, for a whole week.. i dont even want to think of how much money that would cost me here in vienna.

ooter says:
I think measuring beer by the gallon is one of the best things I've ever heard.

So $40usd gets you 7 gallons of beer? That's 56 pints.
At new york prices of $6/pint, the comperable tab for 7 gallons would be $336. I think I'm moving to Europe.

Awesome blog man, keep it up.
Posted on: Jun 26, 2006
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city hall
city hall
photo by: hellenica