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once i got into stockholm i headed to what seemed to be the best hostel in the city by all the reviews online - city backpackers. with the exception of no alcohol allowed inside the building, its hard to imagine a better place to stay..

free pasta (scandinavia is expensive!), free internet (6 machines), foosball (!), tv, lots of common area, kitchen, lockers, close to the city center... the list goes on.

i met some fantastic people at this hostel, most notably an isreali girl, eli, from tel aviv, sebastien from montreal, as well as sebastian from germany - and suhkvindar, a soon to be admiral in the singapore navy. i also met a guy named eli from hawaii, who has been travelling around as a street performer, doing various juggling acts including on his 7ft tall unicycle.

i was also able to meet up with phil from copenhagen.

i found stockholm to be an amazing city, it truly lived up to everything i had heard about it. it certainly helps that the weather was fantastic while i was there. but the architecture, the way the city is setup - so much of the city is various waterways, some good parks - and of course, swedish women - yes, the stereotype is true.

sebastien is a very eccentric french canadian, who will be traveling for two years in total. hes basically out of money, and is supposed to meet up with his finnish friend to stay at her place for a few weeks while he earns some cash at some crappy job. we really clicked and it seems like i had known him for much longer. its too bad hes a habs fan though, but hey.

. no one is perfect.

a group of us went on a boat tour of the archipelago which was quite nice.. didnt see any city sights, but the archipelago was really nice and the weather was great - except for a brief rainstorm in the middle. i believe the tourguide said the archipelago is made up from over 30,000 islands, im sure they are not all of significant size however.

eli and i visited a couple of museums, i cant think of the first one off the top of my head, but the second one was the nobel prize museum - which wasnt all that good. it had some interesting stuff, but its really quite small.. surprising considering how large the building looked from the outside. atleast it was organized.. its got checkpoint charlie beat by a longshot.

while on our way back from the nobel museum, eli and i happened to find eli beginning his juggling act with a huge crowd around him. we stayed to watch it all, and when he noticed us there he brought us out to be assistants in his act. first we stood on each side - i held his unicycle, while eli held his torches to be used later - while he juggled machetes. next i helped him get onto his unicycle, at first he acted like he was going to climb up my back, and i thought there was no way in hell this was going to work, but it was all part of the show - and he climbed up from the side instead. he really is a good performer and he keeps the energy high with lots of interaction with the crowd - something which i can imagine is quite difficult in foreign countries.

once he got up onto his unicycle and rode around a little while, the torches were lit and he juggled them while on his unicycle. im sure that i am in a bunch of tourist photos now, which is kind of amusing to think of. i wish i had gotten pictures of myself up there helping out, but there was no one to take them. we did get a picture all together at the end however.

eli had come to stockholm to meet up with a few friends she knows from tel aviv - one swedish (mervi), one norweigen (johannes). she invited me along to go to the park for lunch with her friends which was a very good time. it was nice to be with some locals, as i dont think i ever would have found this cafe without them. it was buried behind hedges and orchards.

mervi worked for 'viking line' which is one of two companies to run ferries between sweden and finland. i was unsure if my eurail pass covered this line as it wasnt listed in the book, but a quick phone call to one of her former coworkers easily confirmed that my pass would cover my fare to finland.

next: night ferry to finland

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photo by: Chokk