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clocktower in old town square

we waited too long to book vienna and were unable to find a place, so instead we headed off to prague. we got in about midnight, and the metro had already stopped, so we had to take a taxi to our hostel for the first night. it was quite a ways from the main city, so we were just staying there one night before we find somewhere closer to downtown for the remainder of our stay.

the next morning we tried to get a 3day metro pass, but the office that sells it doesnt open until noon, so we decided to walk to our new hostel. it took us 45min-1hour with our packs on, and damn was it a long way. good exercise though.

our new place is the bard and circus hostel, we are staying in a 36 person dorm in the attic.  last night there must have been 5 brits up until about 4am playing their guitar and having a good time.

famous astronomical clock
its pretty crazy sometimes, but if i pop in my earplugs, i have no problem sleeping.

we are located very close to a beergarden where they are showing all of the world cup games, and serving beer/sausages of course. everything is dirt cheap. half liter beers come out to a little under 1usd, and sausages are under 1.25. we might end up staying here an extra night just to save some cash.

while i was going through the park yesterday, i noticed some more people playing frisbee, and when cheryl and ben decided to head off somewhere that i didnt want to go, i wandered over and hopped in for a little bit before they invited me back to the beergarden to watch a few games and drink.

i met luke, and bill, from denver. tomas and ramos, both czechs.

piece of wall showing how they simply covered over the gothic buildings with baroque style
courtney from texas, and katie from oklahoma. all of the americans were part of a group of english teachers. it must have been a few hours into drinking when things got a little ridiculous. i had mentioned that it was the 2nd time i had seen anyone playing frisbee and that i was eager to hop in - told them about playing frisbee in rome, and the tour guides and all.

luke then says he knows a tour guide at the vatican named josh. definitely the same guy i played frisbee with in rome. we confirm names/description etc, and he called him up, was a pretty funny conversation. i cannot believe, that i have run into 3-4 people in prague, who were roommates with josh in denver. i asked luke if he had any other frisbee playing friends across europe that i should be aware of, but he said he didnt think so =)

basically the last two days have been spent.. walking around town, going to the beergarden, watching the matches, drinking/eating a lot (those half liter beers are gone before you know it..and at that price, who cares..), and playing foosball as they have 3 tables setup in the beergarden near the big screens.

unfortunately this is the first internet cafe i have been to that doesnt allow me to take pictures off my camera, nor install my gdrive software to upload them to gmail. so photos from the last few places will have to wait.

Breck says:
So Jim, you're moving to Denver now...right?
Posted on: Jun 25, 2006
drusfan says:
your time in prague sounds like the exact setting for you... pretty fuckin awesome
Posted on: Jun 16, 2006
gonadgoat says:
I can't believe you're meeting people that know eachother from country to country. You must attract all the frisbee playing weirdos that know one another :)
Posted on: Jun 16, 2006
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clocktower in old town square
clocktower in old town square
famous astronomical clock
famous astronomical clock
piece of wall showing how they sim…
piece of wall showing how they si…
+ marks executions of nobles durin…
+ marks executions of nobles duri…
parliament i think.. haha
parliament i think.. haha
scene from the first mission impos…
scene from the first mission impo…
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