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bone crest at the church

today we went to a small town about an hour east of prague with a girl we met at the hostel from san diego - chelsea. she had told us about a church that was decorated with human bones, sounded pretty interesting so off we went.

the church was much smaller than i had imagined, but id imagine it would be pretty creepy at night especially if they lit all the candles i saw. apparently, the cemetary outside was shrunk by quite a bit at one point, and the skeletons were stacked up around the outside of the church. they were from plague victims, and eventually used to decorate the church. there are four large stacks of skulls down inside, a coat of arms made out of bones, and a chandeliere using every bone in the human body supposedly.

we also ran into luke and his father on the train and they were heading the same place, so we travelled together and walked around a bit. they headed off a bit earlier than we did though. we went up to some fancy restraunt near a jesuit college - im sure it would have cost quite a bit in the states, but the prices were very affordable for us and the food was good.

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bone crest at the church
bone crest at the church
photo by: vulindlela