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trevi fountain, with a bad smile.

our entire room overslept this morning, i guess we all needed the rest, some from travel, some from other reasons. cheryl, ben, and myself are in a six person dorm room with three girls from chicago who have been studying in paris for a while  - they've proven to be quite fun, unfortunately they are leaving tomorrow.

we eventually made our way to the vatican, only to find it extremely crowded.. even the metro was complete chaos. people with guitars, flags, and signs all crowding the train and the walk to the vatican singing songs.

we thought this was the norm until we ended up stuck in the crowd next to a priest and a few people from his church, who asked us what 'movement' we were part of. i had no idea what she was talking about, and after a few questions she said that it was a congress of the movement, or something similar.

apparently this only occurs when the pope decides to have one, and the last one was in 98.

in anycase, we didn't have any tickets for this event, and one of the ladies who was with this priest gave us two spares they had. unfortunately we had three people, but we were able to sneak past two sets of guards by either passing one ticket back over the fence and I would go through, or by simply speaking a bunch of german gibberish and not stopping when they half heartedly asked questions.

the tickets were for the closest part to the pope, but the guard at this station, stoned me cold and wouldn't let me through. so we had to settle for about the 4th row of the 2nd section.

all in all, it was a very hot day in the vatican, for several hours, but the atmosphere was electric when the pope made his enterance and toured around the the plaza, no more than 15-20ft infront of us I would say.

tonight we went over to the trevi fountain, and the colosseum again to see them both at night - and they were spectacular. trevi fountain was absolutely packed as expected, but we sat on the steps for an hour or so chatting with our roommates, who we seem to run into all the time -colosseum, trevi fountain, and the independence day parade so far.


drusfan says:
Posted on: Jun 04, 2006
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trevi fountain, with a bad smile.
trevi fountain, with a bad smile.
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