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love parade 2006

love parade was utterly amazing. it started at 2pm, and ended at 11pm. which, seemed rather early to me, but theres a whole slew of afterparties to choose from - but being on a budget i didnt go to any of those.

in anycase, love parade is the billed as the biggest techno party in the world, drawing a record 1.5million people in 99. after being cancelled for two years due to lack of funding, it finally returned to berlin this year - and while i havent seen the numbers yet, i doubt it was anything close to 99, even with paul van dyk headlining the event.

basically it takes place in tiergarten, which is berlins version of central park - but its also the hub of 3-4 major roads at victory tower, commemorating the defeat of the french. clubs from around the world, sponsor a float, a flatbed truck, with a dj booth setup on the back end, with a ton of speakers and loaded with people dancing.

victory tower, with the two stages setup on either side

these floats drive slowly around the length of the tiergarten, blaring different types of music. in all, there were over 30 floats, but i dont recall how many specifically. in the center of tiergarten, on each side of victory tower, a main stage is setup. this is where the featured djs would spin - when the floats got close to the main stage they seemed to be linked up to the main dj spinning and their speakers would pump out that music instead for the time being.

i actually took a break in the middle and walked through the actual park itself, and found some people playing frisbee - who were from colorado.. again. had a few beers with them before i went back to the parade.

once night fell, the party really took off culminating with a pretty good set by PvD, although it was a little short like the rest of them. at this point i was actually on the wrong side of victory tower, so i was front and center for many of the other sets, but not the finale. by the time i realized this it was too late to move, but it was a good time just the same.

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love parade 2006
love parade 2006
victory tower, with the two stages…
victory tower, with the two stage…
a nice looking float
a nice looking float
i like this one
i like this one
some guy climbing the lights, a co…
some guy climbing the lights, a c…
photo by: CFD