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There's very few things that will get Mark and me out of bed before sunrise, especially in the winter. Because I work funny shifts for work, that's about the only reason I'll set my alarm super early.

But today was a very special exception!

We got up at about 3am to get ready for our trip to Disneyland Paris. We had to drive through to Edinburgh for our British Airways flight to Paris Charles De Gaulle, which was due to take of around 7am. This wasn't too bad as it meant we didn't get caught in any of the cross-country rush-hour which is always a good thing.
We left home around 4.20am and got to Edinburgh International Airport just after 5am. We had pre-booked long term parking at one of the many off-site facilities and were taken to the terminal by bus. Check-in had just opened when we got into the terminal, but we were dealt with very quickly as one of the agents took us from the back of the queue to a newly opened desk! We were most surprised...thing like this didn't happen to us all that often. We also managed to get emergency exit seats, which despite the flight being just 80 minutes can actually make all the difference for Mark who'd had back surgery earlier in the year.

We got some breakfast and changed some pounds to Euros. After that we went through security (having to take off our shoes and belts as we went) and settled down near the gate to wait for boarding. We double checked through all our paperwork - hotel voucher, check: park tickets, check: guide book, check, although the only one I could find was a book designed for kids but it was very recently published, had some useful hints and told us all we needed to know. It was also solely about Disneyland Paris, whereas many of the others were Paris guidebooks with just a section on Disney.

We were about 10 minutes late in boarding, and once we were all on board the tiny plane, we were told take off was going to be delayed because of high winds at Charles de Gaulle. I managed to convince Mark to move into the empty row of seats in front of me so we could both stretch out. I went straight to sleep and only woke up when we hit some turbulence as we circled over CDG! I'd slept through several on-board announcements, take off and most of the flight! Oh well...

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photo by: vances