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Stirling, Scotland: 10/29/07

Stirling was originally going to be a day trip for me from Glasgow . I was going to stay in Glasgow for two nights and come up to Stirling for a day to check it out. After talking with a few people I decided to keep Glasgow to one night and stop in Stirling along the way. Stirling is a small town and very quiet one this time of year.

I headed to the hostel to get checked in; I’m staying at the Willy Wallace Hostel; if you can’t tell already, Stirling is a big William Wallace(Braveheart) city. The receptionist looked like a reject from the band Type O Negative. If you are not familiar with this band Google image search them just so you have an idea what this guy looked like. He had the attitude to go along with someone that was just rejected from a rock band too. After getting settled in I dropped of my gear and headed out to find the TI(Tourist Information) and pick up some info. Along the way I found the public library that has free WIFI. I stopped in there and got signed up so I could get online and look up some train times. I know have a library card from Stirling Scotland ! I was already thinking about maybe skipping Belfast because of how difficult it was going to be getting over there and back. I needed to be in Liverpool by Saturday afternoon for a football match and did not want to miss that since I already purchased a ticket for it. After spending a few hours looking over things and seeing that the sun had finally come out I was ready to head outside and see the rest of this city. I hiked up to the castle and the views from up there were amazing! Words don’t really begin to describe how beautiful the country can be over here. It’s the combination of green hillsides, grey clouds, and if the sun peaks out from behind the clouds…WOW!!! I hope the pictures I took do some justice to what I saw looking out over the valley floor bellow me. I did not have the time to get out to the William Wallace monument and have the time to see it thoroughly. The rest of the afternoon was spent walking through the small city of Stirling and finding some lunch. Hanging out in the common room at hostel I started talking to a few other fellow travelers. One of them had just come over from Belfast via Glasgow . He told me to skip Glasgow and get over to Belfast . After hearing him talk about Belfast I decided it would be worth waking up to catch the 05:51 train from Stirling to Stranraer to catch a ferry over to Belfast . Now it was off to a local bar to use their free wifi and change my accommodations for the next few nights. This bar was way cool! has free wifi and a very cool atmosphere. If you are in any of the cities listed on the link check The Varsity out. My place in Glasgow would not let me cancel my reservation for the next night according to the webpage, and this is even after I had purchased cancellation insurance for such a thing. So I called the place and they told me they required 24hrs notice or else they would charge me half the nights stay. So I came up with a great story on the spot about how my buddy was in the hospital from an accident over here and I had to get to him and that my trip was pretty much over and ruined. I was able to talk my way out of getting charged for the room. I didn’t feel too bad since they would have no problems booking the room and that I had purchased cancellation insurance that ended up being a waste of $1. WOW..what a load off my shoulders and mind! This is where it is very nice to have another person along on a trip to help out on figuring things like this out. It took me most of the day and evening to arrange all my train and ferry times to get to Belfast and back, along with my room over there; throw in the research I have done on what to do and see over there and man…I need a vacation!!  LOL

Since I was going to be waking up at 05:15 the next morning and traveling for about 12 hours to get to Belfast I went back to the hostel to get some shut eye. I would like to some day return to Stirling and spend a little more time seeing some of the sights that I did not have the time to see today.


Goodnight from Stirling .    

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photo by: ulysses