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Liverpool , England : 11/2-11/3

I woke up early Friday morning in Belfast and headed out to the harbor to catch the ferry back over to Stranraer , Scotland where I would jump on a train for Liverpool . It was going to be a full day of traveling with a few changes of trains along the way. Once in Stranraer I got on a train full of Irishmen who must have been heading over for some kind of sporting event. Most of them were getting hammered on the train; it was quite funny to listen to them talk. After they all got off the train it looked as if there was a tailgate party in the train car. Beer cans were all over the place.


Arriving in Liverpool I knew I had a bit of a hike in front of me to get to my hostel. It’s always a bit of an adventure the first time in a city looking for your hostel. The maps in the guide books work but they don’t quite work as well as a detailed city map. After a good thirty five minute hike with all my gear on my back I finally found the hostel. I am staying at the Embassie Hostel.  Up until 1986 it was the home of the consulate of Venezuela . This place has a ton of character! The owner and his father run it and they are great guys! The father is such a cool guy. When you check in he tells you a bit about the history of Liverpool and some of the places to see and restaurants to eat at. The whole check in process took forty five minutes. He would be about five minutes into his talk and the doorbell would ring and off he went to open the door. The place is staffed 24hrs a day so to gain entry into the building one must ring the doorbell. I was so dead tired at this point since I had been traveling all day. I just wanted to drop my bag off get some food in me and crash. I finally got all checked in and shown around the hostel. I am staying in a large two room dorm with eighteen beds. This is the largest dorm room I have stayed in on all my travels. I was a bit disappointed when I saw this room especially after paying 35quid for two nights. The place jacks their rates up on the weekend; I think it’s because of the football matches. I headed back into the city center to hit the local Tesco for some food; since I had not eaten much that day I bought a meal fit for a king. Once I could not take another bite to eat it was time to hit the sack. The next day I will hit the city for a bit then head to my football match. Going to see Everton play; I got to see them play in July this year when they traveled over to Salt Lake City to play Real Salt Lake . We beat them and pretty much made them look bad. I was half tempted to bring my Real Salt Lake shirt along with me for this match but I wanted to leave the stadium under my own power. Did not want to be taken out on a stretcher..LOL


I spent Saturday morning walking around the city for a bit. Went into the Liverpool Cathedral; it is MASSIVE!! I was so blown away by this cathedral, it is truly amazing. Inside they were setting up for a concert that night. I checked into see who was playing. Hoping it would be a classical concert or something like that; NOPE. It was some Christian rock band. What a shame! Would have been such a great venue to have seen a real concert in. I headed out to Goodison Park with the hostel owner and his father. He was taking his grandson to the match and they offered to give me a ride out to the grounds. Kevin is the name of the father and son who own the hostel. Kevin Sr. showed me the old park where both Everton and Liverpool FC use to play. He has been coming to the Everton matches for over forty years. I had a great seat for the match. Just to the right of center and up about twelve rows. The match was a good one; but I was not able to enjoy it as much as I would have liked to. The whole time in the back of my head I was thinking about where I was going to stay the next four nights. I did not have a place reserved for the next few nights and I knew I was tempting fate by doing this. I left the match a little early so I could make it back to the hostel and call a few places in Conwy, Wales about a place to stay. The only hostel in Conwy was booked up and all that was left for me to try was B&B’s in the area. I decided to splurge on a B&B; at 35 quid a night this would be my most expensive place I would be staying on this trip. I called the B&B and was able to line up a single room for the next few nights, and then I jumped online and got my place in Bath , England booked. I started to look at the calendar and decided I had one extra day before I had to be back in London . Where to spend this day was up in the air. Looking at a map I decided to check into Penzance , England . The name struck me because of the movie and play; Pirates of Penzance . Looking into the city it sounded like a cool place to check out so I booked a bed at the local YMCA Hostel for one night. 

The following morning I woke to fog outside; this was very cool! I was off to the train station to head to Conwy, Wales . Along the way I passed the PhilHarmonic. Anyone who is anyone in the music industry has played here; from the Beatles to Bruce Springsteen. This is also where the band that was on the Titanic came from.

From what I saw of Liverpool I really enjoyed it, would like to return some day and spend some more time touring the city.

Off to Conwy, Wales I go.

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