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Edinburgh: 10/24-26/07

I set off for Edinburgh Wed morning from York . With my reserved seat ticket in hand I entered the train with full confidence that there would be no way I would be standing for the two and a half hour train ride. Funny part there was a ton of open seats; oh well!

The train ride up from York went through some very pretty countryside. I can’t get over how green everything is over here.

It is always fun walking down busy streets with a bag on you back that effectively doubles the size of oneself. Little old ladies who usually stand firm in their place when I am walking down the street without my pack now go diving for cover in the nearest doorway. I have already had a few people not paying attention to what they were doing go bouncing off my pack. I must admit this year my pack is so much more maneuverable, being able to put my daypack inside my big pack makes a world of difference. If any of you ever head off on a backpacking adventure let me know and I can tell you what you will and will not need to take.

            The hostel I am staying at in Edinburgh is very nice and modern. It has free wifi in the lobby and has a really cool tower in the lobby where anyone can put their cell phones, mp3 players and other mobile devices in to have them quickly charged. Two of my room mates are working here in Edinburgh . One is a Scot and the other is Greek. Oh, and get this. The Greeks name is Yanni!! I kid you not!! I almost laughed out loud when he told me his name; I thought he was pulling my leg. I forgot the Scots name, out of the two he likes to talk the most. We talked about everything from how the Scots would like Scotland back as their own country, to even US politics. I was amazed how well he knew US political processes; but he did not know where Utah was! LOL…Again I forgot to travel a small US map so I can show people where I am from. My Scottish friend is an odd guy. He likes to pace back and forth in the room, I watched him do this for a good 15 minutes one of the days.

            The first night in Edinburgh I spent getting some laundry done; one of the highlights of any trip..NOT!!! After messing about with the machines I finally was able to get out and see the city at night. I am a firm believer that most cities look their best at night. I worked my way up the Royal Mile towards Edinburgh Castle . I was only able to get so close to it, but did get a few good shots of it. I worked my way back down the Mile ducking back into a few of the darker Closes (think alleyways). There is a lot of history in this old town, and most of it is not very pretty; which I would soon find out the next night on a Ghost Tour.


Plenty more from Edinburgh coming soon...
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photo by: vances