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Conwy, Wales : 11/4-11/6/07

Conwy Wales is situated on the North Coast of Wales and according to Rick Steves, one of the more beautiful costal cities in Wales that is accessible by train. I’m staying at the Town House B&B run by Alan and Elaine Naughton.

 It will be nice to have my own room and be away from the hustle and bustle of the hostels for a few nights. For the peace and tranquility I will be paying 35 quid a night, but well worth it for a few nights.


The train ride from Liverpool to Conwy took up most of the morning and afternoon, and had one train change and a short bus ride along the way. The bus ride was necessary due to the fact that the train was not running the short distance from Llandundo Junction and Conwy on Sunday, or maybe it was just that Sunday. I loaded on the bus with all the other passengers, some of them were heading to Conwy as well. As the driver started to head down the highway I noticed he missed an exit that said Conwy on it. After a few minutes I could see there was not going to be another exit for Conwy so I headed up and asked the driver if he was stopping in Conwy first or after going somewhere else. Turns out he was looking at something and missed the exit. So after doing a turn around we were now on our way back to Conwy. The bus dropped the few of us going to Conwy just down the street from the B&B I am staying at. The city of Conwy is surrounded by the best medieval walls in Britan. These walls happen to be right across the street from where I am staying. I walked over to the B&B and was greeted by Allen Naughten, who is a very friendly person. My room is up on the 2nd floor(3rd floor to us Yanks) it is a nice single room with a sink and TV, plus I have access to free wifi. The city wall is right outside my window and I can see people walking along it.

I got settled into my room and felt right at home. It is so nice to have my own space for a change. I set off to get some lunch and walk around the city for awhile. For lunch I decided to pick up some things at the grocery store and take them down to the small harbor and have my picnic there. The sun is out and so are all the people down at the harbor enjoying some fish and chips. With all the people and food there were hundreds of seagulls waiting to share some food with all these people. I sat down and started to eat my lunch. I tossed a small piece of bread out at a seagull and within a second you would have thought I tossed out a full course meal. The lady sitting to my left was immediately hit twice by a swooping bird going after her lunch. This made me laugh out loud; I just sat there and was stunned by the birds swooping in for food. Next thing I knew I heard a swooshing noise just behind me and had just enough time to duck a bit before half my sandwich was ripped out of my hand by a seagull. This made the people to my left laugh at me. As they sat there laughing I calmly collected the rest of my lunch, stood up took one look in their general direction and tossed what was left of my sandwich at their feet. As I walked off I could hear the birds going crazy and people running away; once again I was laughing out loud. 

After spending about an hour I had covered the entire city of Conwy , and that includes walking in looking around every store that was open. After the sun set and it became dark I decided to go check out the city walls. Most cities you go to that have city walls have gates that close them off after dark. Well in Conwy the walls are open 24/7, and it gets really dark on some sections of the wall. I took some nights shots along the wall as I slowly worked my way around the perimeter of the city. I finally decided to call it a night and head back to my room to watch some TV and attempt to catch up on some e-mails.


The next day in Conwy was spent touring the castle. The castle has a few towers and many open areas. Looks like back in its day this was quite the castle. As soon as I finished touring the castle and its grounds a rain storm moved in and it started teaming down. The castle is a stones throw away from where I am staying so I ran across the street and up to a nice warm room. It is really nice having my own room to come back to and relax. After the rain finally stopped I did some more walking around and checked out the church and cemetery that is right behind my B&B. There is a headstone for a guy who fought in The Battle of Trafalgar. I talked with a local who was out walking his dog. His dog likes to come to the graveyard to eat grass; his owner said it must be the best grass in town according to his dog. Tonight is Guy Fawkes Night also known as Bonfire night (5th of November). If you have seen the movie V for Vendetta you will have a bit of a better idea what this is all about. There is a BIG fireworks display planned in a neighboring city. I was going to walk over and check it out, but decided to just stay in town and see what I could from around here. The fireworks went on and on for quite some time. It reminded me of a Fourth of July celebration back in the states.


Well it has been nice relaxing in Conwy. Tomorrow I head to Bath , England . Plan to stay there a few nights.


Goodnight from Conwy, Wales.

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photo by: Jeroenadmiraal