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Friends and me arrived soon in the morning in Chelsea area. We walked then to the hostel where we booked few weeks ago. It's called the "Chelsea Hostel". It's a nice place if you don't want to pay a lot for the night (About 34 $ per night).

1st Day:

We let the luggages at the hostel and then go to eat something, and as you know :p in america you find a lot of fast food :p So we eat a breakfast at McDonald. At 9:30 pm we booked tickets for a bus tour. So during 4 hours we visited Manhattan (a lot of different places like Central Park, Harlem, Fifth Avenue, Time Square,  Wall Street, the place where were the Twin Tower, etc...). In the afternoon we went to the Empire State Building. If you want to go to the 86th floor it's 19$ and 15$ more to go to the 102nd floor.

You can have a beautiful view from this floor :).The 86th floor is better because you can take pictures from outside, the 102nd floor is only from inside.

For the night we ate something in a lil restaurant in our neighborhood and walked along the streets to visit Chelsea.

2nd Day:

The second day we visited the Fifth Avenue and the Museum of Natural History.It was a bad day because it was raining a lot during the day. We buy a lot of stuff in different stores on the Fifth Avenue :p. We also saw the Trump Tower really amazing and a lot of beautiful monuments :). The museum was great if you want to see the evolution of Humans and animals :). It will cost you 11$ to visit the museum. I'll let pictures to let you see how is the museum :p.

3rd day:

We walked a lot :p as everyday during the trip.

We have visited the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and Chinatown :)

The ticket for the Statue of Liberty costs 12$ (The price are only for student :p sorry I forgot the other prices!!). You get in a boat for a lil trip to the Island. On the Island you have a lil restaurant where you can eat and it's not so expensive. During the trip we could see that a lot of French built different monuments in New York :p (like the Post Office and the Statue of Liberty,...)

Then my friend and I were so impressed by Wall Street. You can see a lot of amazing buildings. Let the pictures talk :p

At the end of the day we visited Chinatown. It's really nice if you want to buy cheap stuff but you have to be careful because there are, for a lot of stuff, faked.

We see a lot of typical restaurants and monuments like in Asia :)

4th day and last day:

We visited Central Park for a long part of the Day because it's so big (800 meters * 4 km). It's really nice, there are a lot of animals (squirels, birds and others) and a lot of rivers.

And also we wanted to see the Grand Central Terminal because my friends and I watched a lot of movies with this place in it.It's so great and amazing. Everybody is in a rush like every people in New York :p It looks like in Paris. The difference is you can talk with them not in Paris :p

At the end of the day we get in the bus to come back to Montreal.It was a great trip. I think I will go back to New York soon......

momiji says:
yup, you came back!!
Posted on: May 02, 2008
FR-ank says:
So, Come for the NYC TBMUP April 26th...;-)))
should B awesome...
Posted on: Mar 17, 2008
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Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History
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