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In all the countries that I visited so far, I would most likely to visit their Chinatown. However, Ironically I'd never been to the Chinatown of Manila till now. So, my friends decided to stroll somewhere on a Saturday, I suggested Binondo, and they all what to go, for one, we have a friend who is a GI - genuine instik (instik is how chinese are coined here in the Philippines, I am not sure if that term is deregatory but since the term is commonly used now, somehow it has been sanitized already).

I went to LTR Santolan station, and alighted to the last stop in Recto. From recto, I took a jeepney going to Divisoria, I always avoid going to this place due to traffic congestion and the crimes that come with huge crowd. In divisoria, I stopped by 168 mall first to meet up with my friends.

This mall is famous for the cheap prices of imitation goods made in China. And since the store owners are chinese, the food court is full of authentic chinese food! Yum! I plan to go back soon.

Anyway, after having a quick small snacks in 168 mall, we decided to head to Binondo - mainly for food trip. :)

We came across Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz first, where one can see some memorials and statues. Lorenzo Ruiz is the first Filipino saint who happened to have chinese blood himself. On the far end is the Binondo Church, a beautiful church, very impressive from outside, the interior of the church is not that bad either. I like the paintings on the ceiling, it may not be michealangelo but they are decent enough. Binondo area is an enclave in Manila populated by Chinese immigrants living in the Philippines.

Binondo is located across the Pasig River from Intramuros and the home of Chinatown in Manila. The district is the center of commerce and trade for all types of businesses run by Chinese merchants. It is said that this district was already a hub of Chinese commerce even before the Spaniards came in 1571. Binondo is also locally known as Chinatown.

Anyway, after feasting over steamed dumplings, shio long pao and endless selection of hopia (mung bean cakes), we decided to leave the area with the promise of coming back (for more food tripping).

I was so happy that day that I forgot to attend the annual Pride Parade in Malate. hehehe

sunstroke says:
great blog and photos! ;)
Posted on: Jul 07, 2008
planisphere says:
yes boss, tingin ko kasi dati dun madumi magulo hahaha
Posted on: Jul 07, 2008
abubu says:
talaga? ngayon ka lang nakachinatown sa manila? saya jan. lalo na dun sa parang hawkers sa tabing ilog. sarap kasama ang pag singhot mo ng tubig kanal. hehehe.
Posted on: Jul 07, 2008
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Kalesa in Divisoria
Kalesa in Divisoria
Lorenzo Ruiz Plaza
Lorenzo Ruiz Plaza
photo by: Deats