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Guadalupe Station - near BLISS in Makati.

It was one of those spontaneous moments that wanting to do something like this - a cruise through Pasig River. This river cultivated the Tagalog civilization (main group of people that occupies Manila). Tagalog roughly means “river dweller” or in local terms Taga-ilog. This river has so much of its history from the pre-colonial period to today’s dynamic Manila, yet over the years, instead of gaining fame, it gained notoriety due to excessive industrialization of Manila and over population. Pasig River has lost its charm; it was converted into nothing but a huge sewer system. This is the reason why many Manileños would find it outrageous to do a cruise in Pasig River. I was one of them until I tried it.

Pasig River connects Laguna de Bay and Manila Bay.

Makati Skyline
It pierces through the center of Manila travel guide">Metro Manila. We (TBs isabetlog and blurmoi) decided to start our trip in Guadalupe Station. We really didn’t know where the station was, good thing the cab driver knew the exact location of the ferry station. We went there around 3 PM, thinking that there’s a ferry to depart around that time, however, they changed schedule. We stayed for awhile in the station and finally departed at 4:30 PM. The cruise is a 55 minutes ride from Guadalupe Station to the remotest station which is Plaza Mexico station in Intramuros, the old walled city of Manila.

The cruise costs less than a USD or 45 Pesos for a one way ride. It is all worth it. One will see not just the skycrapper of Makati, the Malacañang Palace (the seat of Philippine Government), oil depots, bridges, and the shanties. The sights along the river are not all pleasant, the river holds story of severe poverty until now. To borrow some information from Wikipedia, the river has many bridges. I may be particular to some but here is what I gathered from the Wiki: “There are a total of 13 bridges that cross the river.

Post Office Of Manila
Crossing the Napindan Channel in Pasig City is the Bambang Bridge. Downstream is the C-5 Road Bridge connecting the cities of Makati and Pasig. The Guadalupe Bridge between Makati and Mandaluyong carries Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, the major highway of Metro Manila, as well as the Blue Line (Line 3) of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT). The Makati-Mandaluyong Boundary Bridge is another bridge that connects the two cities downstream and forms the end of Makati Avenue. The easternmost bridge in Manila is the Lambingan Bridge in the district of Sta. Ana, followed by the Padre Zamora (Pandacan) Bridge between Pandacan and Santa Mesa, which also carries the southern line of the Philippine National Railways (PNR).
Del Pan Bridge and Me.. ata..
The Mabini Bridge (formerly Nagtahan Bridge) provides a crossing for the Nagtahan Avenue, part of the C-2 Road. Ayala Bridge carries Ayala Boulevard and connects Isla de Convalescencia to both banks. Further downstream are the Quezon Bridge, the LRT Yellow Line (Line 1) bridge, McArthur Bridge, and the Jones Bridge. The last bridge near the mouth of Pasig River is the Roxas Bridge, formerly known as the Del Pan Bridge.”

What hit me on this trip is not the muddy color of the water nor the fact that people are not allowed to take photos of Malacañang Palace. The river has no foul smell at all. I was expecting a horrible smell from the river. But there’s none, it could be the rainy season that drained all the filth to the Manila bay. Then again, all I can do is speculate and be glad that Pasig is not really just a dirty version of its sister river in Singapore. This river is bigger and mightier. The rehabilitation efforts started years ago, and we are seeing now the results. Yet, many efforts and years are needed to fully make this river as vibrant as it used to.

aacalizo says:
This is nice Apo! I haven't been to the new station/s yet.
Posted on: Feb 22, 2010
abubu says:
very nice
Posted on: Sep 09, 2008
the_bloodsucker says:
I wanna try this! Hmm...
Posted on: Aug 24, 2008
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Guadalupe Station - near BLISS in …
Guadalupe Station - near BLISS in…
Makati Skyline
Makati Skyline
Post Office Of Manila
Post Office Of Manila
Del Pan Bridge and Me.. ata..
Del Pan Bridge and Me.. ata..
photo by: Daive