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Before I carry on I forgot to say in my first blog that i'm doing an Intrepid tour from Delhi to Kathmandu so the rest of this should make sense now!

I met the rest of my group in the morning. Most of us were pretty quiet because it was early and we really didn't know each other yet! We travelled to Agra by train. It was a very early start (5:15) so we ate on the train which was an interesting experience. It consisted of a faintly warm nut cutlet thing with floppy white bread. We also got 'Indian tea' served by some random dude using a massive steel container in one hand and a stack of paper cups in another. Pretty good tea too!  After three hours of gorgeous views we were met by a bus which took us to our hotel. The hotel was pretty basic but it had a lovely open top cafe/restaurant. We had an hour to kill so sat upstairs and had an early lunch before departing for the Red Fort. A guide showed us through the Fort and you could tell he really enjoyed what he was doing. He put a smile on everyone's face. After that we went to visit the Taj Mahal, absolutely gorgeous building. Our group started to get along which was nice.

The Taj Mahal really has to be seen in the flesh. It is huge and time consuming to look at. We were there for a while just taking everything in and taking loads of photos. By the time we left it had started to get dark so straight back to the hotel before dinner. We took a short trip down the road to an outdoor restaurant which had some amazing views. I had a gin and tonic that blew my head off. Alcohol is so different here. I think the percentage and quantity is very different to what i'm used to. Still, at least I tried it! Dinner was pretty relaxing so it was late when we left. Most of us were quite tired so jus went to bed.

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photo by: rotorhead85