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the cook, ash adds flavor- secret recipe. Hanoi

We elected not to take the 24 hour bus to Laos as it was rumoured to be much longer.  We decided to brave the journey on our own.

Motorcycle taxi to the bus station- 3 people, 2 big bags, one small old motor bike...I think that it would have been faster to walk!

Bus to a junction in the middle of nowhere- 4 hours, 200 km, frustratingly slow and frighteningly fast, chickens clucking, meat on a stick (one vendor identified a flaw in one of her meat on a sticks, to repair the flaw she took a bite out of the affected area, spat out the offending meat and put the stick back on her tray), and loading and off loading bags and bags of rice.

Pick up truck to the border town- to our delight there was a pick up truck with benches in the back waiting to go to the border town.  The driver waited and waited to fill the truck.

Hanoi, the average builing is 4 m wide.
  After two hours of driving around town we departed with less customers than were originally waiting! Two hours in the back of the truck though some beautiful scenery.

Border hotel- checked into a hotel which could have been used in a horror movie, very eerie but clean!

6 am at the border- Three busses were waiting at the restaurant close to the border.  It took us an hour to identify which bus would go to Hanoi.  We bordered the bus.  As soon as we got going everyone started smoking, one guy even had a bong that he was passing around.  He was smoking something that smelled like cow dung.  We got scolded for opening the windows. After a two hour border crossing and several hours on the bus we were kicked off our bus and and quickly loaded onto a local bus.  We arrived in Hanoi at 7 pm.

Found a great place to stay in Hanoi and went right to bed!

Hanoi is a crazy city.  There are so many scooters and bikes on the road it is unreal.  You cannot look when you cross the street or you will never get across. It all seems to work though.


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the cook, ash adds flavor- secret …
the cook, ash adds flavor- secret…
Hanoi, the average builing is 4 m …
Hanoi, the average builing is 4 m…
War museum in Hanoi- this was an a…
War museum in Hanoi- this was an …
High tech fighting machines
High tech fighting machines
Light traffic on the main highway.
Light traffic on the main highway.
photo by: mario26