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Well, where to begin? I spent one month in Italy, specifically Naples, but I ventured out from there. Naples has it's pretty areas, but for the most part, it's a dirty place. It's quite sad, really. Looking out across the Gulf of Naples is just an amazing sight. Vesuvius looms in the distance and is quite inspiring. Especially at sunrise, should you be up early enough to see it. I don't have much to report about Naples, except the food is amazing as well as the cappucinos. The people aren't too friendly but they're not hateful or anything either.

The first place I ventured out to was Rome. I took a week of vacation there and traveled the city on my own on foot. And I had a blast. I think I saw just about everything a tourist goes there to see in the first day. I must have walked about ten miles (this was before I became familiar with the subway). My first destination was the Flavian Amphitheater, or Colosseum. Just seeing it looming in the distance was pretty awesome. I was excited to see it and I was amazed at it's size. A lot of people say that it was smaller than they thought it would be, but I marveled at the size anyway, considering how they built it.  I took a guided tour of it and learned some things I didn't know. My tour guide was good and he actually tired to get us to feel what it would have been like in it's glory days. I'm not sure I would enjoyed their games too much myself; I'm not into the gladitorial sports or the animal fighting. All in all, I had a surreal expericence, just imagining the Colosseum in her glory days filled with spectators. It must have been an amazing sight.

I have much more to write but not tonight.

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