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Tango in the streets, in the Sunday market

I arrived feeling a little tired, having spent over 16 hours on the plane from London. However, my tiredness soon faded as I left the airport to a bright warm, sunny day. Not that I spent much of my journey from the airport thinking about the weather. Fear of crashing as the taxi driver hurtled down the road to my hotel was my main worry!

Once I arrived where I am staying, in the Palermo area, I soon relaxed. The area is very nice, a few miles from the centre, but since taxis here are very cheap (about three pounds or less for a 10 to 15 minute trip) that is fine. The area is very laid back with lots of places to eat. I will check out the bars later, if I can stay awake.

I also went to the San Telmo Sunday market, which was a nice way to spend an afternoon.

A puppet master pulling the strings
You can also watch tango dancers and even a puppeter to while away the day.

On Monday I went to the Cementerio de la Recoleta, resting place of the great, the good and the not so good. My guidebook decribed the place as the City of the Dead. Visiting a cemetry is not usually high on my list of things to do on holiday! I had thought that the description was perhaps an exageration. However, upon walking in it was impressive, towering tombs and statutes form graceful avenues. Some tombs still faithfully tendered, others fading into ruin, with cobwebs glistening in the light. Most people seek out the tomb of Evita, but this is a remarkable place well worth a few hours of your trip. The cemetry closes at 6pm. Nearby the Munich Recoleta restaurant, at R.

The main square on a Sunday afternoon
M.Ortiz 1871, does a tasty steak for 27 argentinian pesos.

In the afternoon I went on an enjoyable 4 hour city tour, on a small bus tour with a company called OpcionSur. There is tour at 9am and 3pm, but what makes this tour different is that during the tour they pull down blinds and play 4 or so short 5 minute films, about tango, football and Playo de Mayo, where people come to protest. The tour starts in Plazo de Mayo then goes to Puerto Madero, the swanky docks area, onto La Boca y Caminto, the small arts area, passes by San Telmo and finishes at the Cementerio de la Recoleta. You get off for 15 mins at Plaza de Mayo, La Boca y Caminto, an optional stop at the nearby football stadium, for an extra 10 pesos and a final stop at the Cementerio. At 35 USD the trip is not cheap, but it was a bit different with a nice guide as well.

There are a couple of nice ice cream shops as well nearby the Cementerio, which is in a park area in an exclusive part of the city, so I finished off with a cone.

kerryandandrei says:
Ah, this brings back memories of our trip there! We had a Recoleta Cemetery tour in English on a Thursday with this crazy lady! She was brilliant!

Also, the night when Arg beat Mexico in the World Cup was fab - they all went mental on the streets and there were celebrations around the Obelisk!
Posted on: Nov 09, 2007
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The city of the Dead, yes it is that big

Did not get up to very much today. I decided I would stroll down from the nice Palermo Soho area, where I am staying, to the Jardin Japones- Japannese Gardens (south of here) not far from the zoo. I forgot again just how big BA is and it ended up taking me about an hour to get there. Thankfully the gardens were tranquil and I relaxed watching some of the many beautiful Koi fish. A bargain at only 4 pesos

My zen restored I went off to have a giant T Bone steak at the most famous steak house in BA, Cabana Las Lilas (, located at Alicia Moreau de Justo, 516 (Tel: 4313-1336) at the docks area around 7pm and very tasy it was too (although not cheap the steak with sides and no starter or desert and a coke came to around 120 argentinian pesos), although I was pleased as I had a seat outside overlooking the marina, as dusk fell the mosquitoes also enjoyed the meal as well. Shame that I was on the menu!

Tango in the streets, in the Sunda…
Tango in the streets, in the Sund…
A puppet master pulling the strings
A puppet master pulling the strings
The main square on a Sunday aftern…
The main square on a Sunday after…
The city of the Dead, yes it is th…
The city of the Dead, yes it is t…