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Why am I the only girl?!

The trip over to Koh Lanta was a little hairy to say the least. All kicked off with a longtail boat journey on to the ferry... imagine 10 elephants squeezing into a mini, and you get the idea of how cramped it was! Wasn't the calmest of days either so it was a miracle that neither a passenger (probably me!!) or a bag didn't fall in.

Trip over to Koh Lanta was pretty long and at times very choppy so we were more than happy to reach Koh Lanta 5 hrs later, even though we had to clamber over 3 boats to get to the port... not particularly easy with big rucksacks on!!

Koh Lanta was a nice change from Koh Lipe - still benefiting from clear blue sea and beautiful beach, but quite a bit more going on especially on the beach in the evening.

Holy gadzooks Robin!
We decided to hire a scooter for 2 days, making sure we got to see plenty of the island and some beautiful secluded beaches.

Unfortunately I seemed to be blighted by a clumsy curse in Koh Lanta! On the first night I managed to slip on the bathroom floor... sending me straight on to my arse (hilarious for Neil obviously). The following day we went caving (more about that later) again I managed to slip... however managed to save myself from a complete "arse over tit" episode but managed to achieve a nice bruise on my bum! The next day it was my toe, which I managed to stub on the only rock on the beach!

Caving - I thought this was going to be a pleasant stroll through a bit of jungle to a cave, a quick look around and then back home. How wrong could I be! The alarm bells should have rung when the guy was checking to see how much water I had.

The walk up to the cave wasn't too bad, a bit of a scramble at times but nice to be in the countryside under the shade of the trees during the day. We reached the cave after approx 30mins. After a small break we entered the cave... down a very narrow passage and a long ladder, at this point I should have mentally prepared myself for more of the same!

After an hr in the sweltering cave we eventually emerged! I guess it wasn't so bad but I was really tired... Neil was beaming, especially having seen lots of bats?! Was starting to struggle on the way back to the scooter... at least it was downhill, even though there was a bit of climbing (well I thought there was anyway) on the way.

Our second day in Koh Lanta was much more relaxing, driving around the island for the ideal beach... once found it was a day of relaxation, plus a little bit of browsing in Lanta old town

Our last day in Koh Lanta was mainly spent doing research for the rest of our trip - unfortunately the dream of taking each day as it comes isn't really feasible all the time. Anyway at least it was productive, and we booked our flight up to Bangkok for the following day.

clwilson1980 says:
Wow, you have certainly got some amazing pics and stories on your adventures so far. Where is the tan? Neil looks lilly white having that massage!

Posted on: Dec 07, 2007
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Why am I the only girl?!
Why am I the only girl?!
Holy gadzooks Robin!
Holy gadzooks Robin!
Bam! Pow! Zap!
Bam! Pow! Zap!
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Had Katharine realised this was w…
Neils dream house
Neil's dream house
Is he walking on water?
Is he walking on water?
Koh Lanta
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