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A bonus day in Huacachina with the delayed dune buggy and sand boarding tour.  The temperature seems to get hotter each day and simply too hot to sit and sunbathe.  Dave feeling better but not well enough to join me on the buggy tour.

With two buggies, I was put in the smaller one with four others.  Our driver was insane and the drive out to the surfing dunes, he went completely off the trail to drive up and over sheer face dunes and along the side of others at at least 45 degree angles matching pretty much any fairground ride I´ve been on.  However on pulling up to our first dune, faced with an altogether different prospect of getting down without harm.  Foregoing the purist boarders plan of standing up, I went with the local favourite of lying on your stomach and going face first.

  With the board waxed, I was 2nd down.  Much more fun and less scary than expected and had enough time to climb the hill again and do it a 2nd time.  The 2nd hill was far more daunting as the slope disappeared from view.  For some reason, the guide thought I would be a good guinea pig and picked me out to go first.  Obviously with a lot of bravado and (hopefully) no fear on my face, I shot down holding onto the board for dear life and hit the bottom with a thud.  Two more dunes followed of similar height and slant.  Thankfully the extent of my injuries was a couple of sand friction burns on my forearms.  A group of four decided to take the last dune a step further and go down sitting on the boards and race down.  It ended in carnage as three of the four disappeared into sand balls.
 We decided against copying.  At the bottom one had been smacked in the face with her board and got a 2 inch gash above her eye and a bloody nose.  The trip finished with a drive to watch the sunset over the dunes.

Next day it was time to leave paradise and move on to Nazca.  However my stomach was protesting and it was my turn to be pig sick with a fever and couldn´t keep anything down.  Forced myself out of bed to pack in stages before Dave ran the show and sorted out bus tickets and organisation.  I just followed. No energy to carry bags and the sun was unbearable.  Plonked myself on the bus and passed out.  Fortunately, feeling slightly better on arrival in Nazca but Dave sympathetic enough to have a lazy evening.

Day 34 and feeling much recovered, we had an early start to the Nazca airport to pick up a flight over the Lines. Managed to get a cheaper price than any of the operaters in Nazca and by 8.30 we were in the air in a little 4 seater.  Cruising at just 100metres, it provided good views over all 13 of the most famous lines (although the whole area is covered with random shapes).  Pilot was really good and flew round all the lines on both sides meaning a lot of steep banking - we were advised not to eat anything in the morning before the flight which in hindsight is very good advice.  Several of the lines were hard to make out but a lot of them were very impressive and fully justified the cost and the 35 minutes flight.  

Wandered around Nazca (which is surprisingly nice) and although set up for tourists is quite tastefully presented before fitting in a trip to the local museum in the afternoon (more as an excuse to get out of the heat which must be close to 40).

  The museum depicted the story of the Nazca culture which preceded the Incas but was mainly a load of billboards showing the excavation work over the past 20 years.  Not the greatest, but the museum did have a cabinet full of skulls and a mummified body alongside the numerous cabinets of pottery.  It passed the afternoon before getting the bus to Cusco

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photo by: ulysses