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Huacachina is a tiny oasis village near Ica.  It is a little paradise built up around a natural laguna in the middle of the desert and surrounded by enormous sand dunes.  Checked into the Huacachinero Inn which although slightly expensive was a class apart from anything previous and is clearly a holiday destination in itself. Dave and I decided that this was the place to kill a few of our contingency days making it a holiday within a holiday. I spent a couple of hours in a cafe at the laguna marvelling at the tranquility and scenery of the place.  Met 2 girls (Safia and Emily) from London and are travelling a similar route to us, who asked us out to dinner !!

The local town of Ica is famed for its wine and pisco making.  Dave and I booked a tour to go around 3 local "botegas" and sample the produce.

  We were joined by an Irish girl (Lisa) who was on her 2nd trip in South America.  The first botega was classed as a industrial botega that mass produce the red, white wines and pisco.  Interesting tour around how the wine and pisco is made before getting down to business of a bit of sampling.  The wines were very nice although bordering on a little sweet, the pisco was in line with tequila.  However six glasses of alcohol by 11.30 was a good start.  The 2nd botega was classed as a semi industrial that mixed the methods of how it produces its pisco.  A similar tour ensued before we got to the bar where there was a line of 20 bottles waiting for us.  Dave soon ducked out feeling unwell.  However Lisa and I didn´t turn anything down and got through half of them including multiple tastes of a couple.
  My favourite was a pisco baileys that had been fermented with figs.  Beats the original Baileys in my book and bought a bottle for Christmas night.  The last botega was a traditional affair that still use ceramic vats to ferment its wine.  It was combined with a very unusual museum that had all sorts of artifacts from stuffed alligators to giant portraits of Simon Bolivar (apparantly the owner is an illigitimate descendant of the great man himself). Unfortunately all the wines were horrible so the three of us shared half a bottle through politeness before leaving.  Exchanged e-mails with Lisa to meet back up in Cusco for Christmas. 

Back at the ranch, Dave quickly retreated to bed leaving me to catch the last of the sun and splash around in the cool pool.

  By evening, Emily and Safia had recruited half of the hostel to go out for a meal.  Nice meal but too many big personalities (mainly Canadians and Yanks) so left them all to it.  The good days just keep on coming....

The following day, plans for the dune buggies and sand boarding quickly got revised as Dave hardly made it off the loo. It left me with a day of leisure and took full advantage by getting some sun on my torso pool side to try and offset my increasing t-shirt tan.  Managed a few hours before I decided I´d had enough. Climbed the sand dune behind our hostel (takes 25 minutes to climb up it but a great 2 minute run back down) for some great views over Huacachina. 

Starting to realise that Christmas in Cusco is going to be mental as everyone I speak to will be there.  I´ll have to be very conservative with my pisco baileys shots.

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photo by: yadilitta