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Woke up at 9 with no hangover (Cuba Libras are the way forward to avoid hangovers) but had completely missed Marie´s departure to Puno. Met up with the remaining trekkers in Cusco (Mary, Jason, Helen,Kim) for a full English in Jacks Cafe (Irish pub).  Boxing Day was always planned as a recovery day and it went to plan. Ducked out of the tourists v porters footy match to return to the hostel to catch up on some sleep. Got to see my 1st footy for 2 months Portsmouth v Arsenal, 0-0 - typical ! Met up with Jason and Mary for dinner and final farewells before getting a sensibly early night for school tomorrow.

Back to school and up in time for a 9am start. Got the back to school blues but probably due to the fact that the Inca Trail was in the past especially after meeting so many great people.

However soon in class with my personal tutor and back to basics learning verbs.  Pretty intense but getting the benefits immediately.  In addition to the curriculum, spent as much timejust chatting and picking up as many useful words that are used in every day conversation.  Took plenty of notes for revision. Went to an Israeli restaurant for lunch and ended up with a plate full of chicken livers and chips.  Didn´t think I liked liver but was actually quite nice.

On return to hostel, bumped into Margaretke and Meike (Germans from Huacachina).  Arranged to meet later for a few drinks.  We arrived on time but the Germans were late !!  Went to a bar of their choice which had live salsa music with happy hour drinks. An artist painted the scene in the bar as we watched with Cuba Libras and Mojitos in hand.

  Had a little salsa dance before we all decided we were equally rubbish.  At 12, the barman handed out free cocktails which the girls managed to grab 6 of between the 4 of us which went down very well before dancing the night away to more western music.  Got back to the hostel at 3.45 - not good on a school night !!

Up in time for breakfast and school - still no hangover, but we were rumbled by our tutors straight away - Dave probably still drunk.  However continued with class concentrating on future tense and felt fine until an hour from the end when fatigue set in.  After school, we spent the next 2 hours zombie walking up hills trying to find a new hostel as ours was full.  After getting our bags from old to new, crashed to catch up on sleep.  Just got up in time for our Welcome dinner at the school (on the night before our final day).

  Joined by the tutors and two other pupils for a DVD and pizza takeaway. Pleasant evening, and surprised that tutors were happy for us to speak in English.

Final day of lessons and focussed on past tense with general conversations using all 3 tenses learned. Quite a lot falling into place but 3 days nowhere near enough.  Unfortunately all the time I could spare but feeling much better about understanding converstaions and now with a better vocabulary and ability to construct sentences.  We´ll see !  After getting tickets to Arequipa, bumped back into Dave´s teacher (Juliana) and another student Laura.  Took them for a drink whilst waiting for the tourist "tram" around the city.  Unfortunately we picked the one bar overlooking the square that showed films and therefore with blinds closed, couldn´t see out onto the square.  Passed a nice hour practising a little more Spanish before I left to get tram.  Juliana and Laura insisted on joining us and waited for 55 minutes before it turned up (making Juliana an hour late for a friends Christening) and Dave grumpy because I said we´d give up waiting after an hour.   The tour bus takes you takes you up a local hill for views oiver the city but ultimately disappointing outside the centre.  Even the main ruins in Cusco "Sacsayhuaman" an anticlimax after previus ruins. Still, glad to have done the city tour before we left.

After 10 days since our arrival, it is time to move on. 



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photo by: Vlindeke