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Oh dear....not feeling alive.  Don´t know why I went to bed at all as mustn´t have had more than 20 minutes sleep.  Not hungover but brain not connecting at all.  Dave in stitches with no sympathy at all at my self inflicted mess. Still I was tired enough to manage to get some sleep on the 3 hour bus journey to the Bolivian border.  Surreal crossing as a funeral service was taking place on the road by the Bolivian navy (Bolivian is landlocked but still claim a navy for the purposes of the vast Lake Titicaca !) meant us having to walk down a hill and round the checkpoint to get our passports stamped.  Everything in order and soon in the very picturesque beach resort of Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca.
  Decided against checking into the same hostel as Neil and Justine as too expensive but went to one next door.  It turned out to be an inspired move as whilst I went to bed, Dave went out to get some Bolivianos and returned in failure having discovered there are no ATMs (or open banks) in Copacabana on Sunday, leaving us with a grand total of US $6 to last 24 hours.  This at a time when there is a road blockade to La Paz meaning we were stuck in Copacabana with no way out without going back to Peru. I managed a short term salvation by sorting out a back hander with Neils hostel by paying for a room in his hostel but instead getting cashback for it, resultantly increasing our money to $22.  Kept it to a conservative evening and an early night to catch up on sleep.

Feeling much better, first job was to get to bank only to discover the bank is closed on Mondays !!  Welcome to Bolivia !!  Dave pulled the same trick in Neils hostal for another day but we were appreciative of our hostal providing free popcorn, bananas and coca tea which we made full use of for our lunch. Bumped into Booyer and Jane (Inca Trail) and Dave adamant that he´d said something to them on his drunken New Years rant. We left them to it and had a quiet (and cheap) afternoon.  Met up with the Arequipa beach/Colca canyon crowd now fully reunited and walked up local hill for views over the town and finally drink the red wine and Pisco Baileys that Dave and I bought in Pisco, Peru whilst watching the sunset over Lake Titicaca.  Of course we decided against taking the regular path and went off trail which meant a little rock climbing up sheer rock cliffs - Dave did a good job of not smashing the bottles.
  The sunset was a little disappointing but it had nice views over the town and was very tranquil having the hilltop to ourselves. Decided on taking the easier path back down where bumped into Sapphire and Emily (Huacachina/Cusco) - everyone seemingly following the same path ! Ordered a chicken curry for dinner that had absolutely no resemblance to curry although was still quite nice before returning to hostel for a mammoth session of "shithead" where I was again crowned champ/loser !! - thankfully no toilet role this time.

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photo by: aliciaaa