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So after a long day we finally made it to Quito and our Hostel around 10pm, we´re all pretty shattered so we just crash out. The next day we´re up early and have a great breakfast at the hostel and chat to people about different trips we´re looking at doing. We then head in to town and go round a few different agencies looking for the best deals to the Galapogas Islands. We finally decide on one and pay our deposit, ouch! Then much to Muss´s delight go and have lunch at Red Hot Chilli Peppers before changing hostals to one that is US$2.50 a night, bargain. We jump on the internet and read somw reviews about the boat we just booked and get differing stories and start to get a little nervous. But with it all sorted we decide a few beers are called for, needless to say it all got a bit out of hand and our first big night in South America is had.

Wake up the next day with the mother of all hang overs but still head in to the Irish bar to watch the rugby final. I don´t drink all day but the others do. After most of the day in the pub Hamish, Katie and I leave Muss to it and head back for an early night. But I get woken at 230am by muss with blood all over him. The story: After getting out of the taxi outside the hostel door some guy bottled him in an attempted mugging. Muss fought back and decked the guy, some chick was goinf thru is pockets while this happened so he wolloped her too and made it into the hostel. Gald to say they got nothing. Well after so many years my first aid skills were called upon and we patched him up tho he´ll have a nice scar on his forehead.


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photo by: Bluetraveler