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360 panorama taken inside the Romantic Chamber of the Coves de Campanet caves on Mallorca.
Or the 'Story of the Locked Car and Human Kindness'.

I love visiting caves, the stalactites and stalagmites, thinking of the thousands of years for the formations to, well, form, and wondering what it would have been like to find them with just a torch. Mallorca has loads of cave systems and some have been (very lucratively) developed for tourists, and I remember visiting the Caves of Drach as a child.

Whilst in Mallorca in June I heard about the Coves de Campanet (Caves of Campanet), a small, family run attraction which has the only white lit caves on the island.
Another panorama of the Caves of Campanet on Mallorca.
All the others depend on coloured lighting to 'enhance' what nature formed. It was a joy to visit, and there are some unusal features - like the longest Spagetti Statactite in the world. It was obvious that the guide was not just doing his job, but expressing a pasion. It is well worth a visit, especially in the middle of a hot day as the cave systems are refreshingly cool!

Anyway, I am a photographer panoramic photographer, and really wanted to take a 360 panorama of the Romantic Chamber, the grandest chamber in the system. Being given (rare) permission to do so the next day, I happily spent about 30 minutes in the Romantic Chamber with just me, forck formations and 30 second exposures for company. I say 'rare' permission as normally photography is strictly prohibited inside.

So that was the Cave and now for the Keys.
Out of way, little visited bay on Mallorca with natural waterfall, clear waters and few people. Fab.
Well, having come back out and expressed my contentment to my traveling buddy, I happily gengly tossed the camera gear back in the boot (trunk) of the hire car and closed it. Only then to figure out that the keys were alos now in the boot. Which was self locking. With the rest of the car locked. With all our money, doccuments and all else inside. Yep, I had done the fateful 'whatever happens, do not let me do this' action.

In those situations, it always takes time for feelings to return, stop kicking oneself and start thinking what can be done. The staff at the caves were great in helping me to contact the car hire company. Who insisted that I had to make it from 40 miles away to Palma Airport to get a spare key. The fact that we had no money etc. etc. fell on deaf ears. It seemed quite hopeless.

And then it happened. One of the workers at the caves simply handed over her own car keys.
Cala Canyamel, fantastic sandy beach on northeast Mallorca. Great surf too.
I mean, how often would you do that for someone you have only just met? You car? And I normally drive on the other side of the road! We had been looking at a tortuous round trip to the airport, which would have involved a taxi, train, bus and then in return over aobut 4 hours. Instead we were faced with a one hour round trip with air-conditioning. Truly amazing, and I will be forever grateful to her.

Having done that, with profuse thanks, we returned to Alaro, where we were staying, and jumped in the village swimming pool. So, if ever you wish to visit some caves on Mallorca, remember to go to the Caves of Campanet (Coves de Campanet), where you will be met with not only beautiful rock formations, but enthusiast and helpful staff. Much better than the emormous coach-load filled experiences at other places.

Oh yes, and Mallorca has some fine beaches too!

Spaghetti Stalactite - from what I remember, stalactite formation starts with a single drop. The minerals crystallize around the outside of the drop leaving the center hollow. The next drop continues the process forming thin, hollow tubes that hang down like spaghetti. These are easily broken and fall off, so to have one grow to several feet long, as at Campanet, is very, very rare indeed.
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360 panorama taken inside the Roma…
360 panorama taken inside the Rom…
Another panorama of the Caves of C…
Another panorama of the Caves of …
Out of way, little visited bay on …
Out of way, little visited bay on…
Cala Canyamel, fantastic sandy bea…
Cala Canyamel, fantastic sandy be…
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