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It was terribly windy during the night! I went up at 3:15 to check how the tent was
doing, it was fine. When the weather is like this it is good to be a guy. Need to go
to the toilet and really dont want to leave the tent? Take out an empty
Got a really late start in the morning. Ordered lunchpackages from the refugio and
it took forever again. Ate one of them for breakfast. Didn't start walking until
14:00 and boy did I have to pay for that later!
It was very windy in the beginning and it looked like rain was going to came down
from the mountains at any time. The first 2 hours was ok. I almost got knocked over
by the wind at one point but I heard it coming so I had time to put my walkingsticks
in the ground and get firm grip. The wind here is NOT to play with. I met one lady
with her are in a sling a bit later. The wind knocked her over and she hit her head
and vrist. Luckely the head was fine but not the vrist.
After about 2 hours the wind stopped and it started to rain. It rained for the next
4 hours and I was wet everywhere! When I got to Camp Italiano I found a place for
the tent and straight away changed to dry clothes on the upper body, then pitched
the tent.
Today I finally used my first pack of freezeddried food I had with me from Sweden.
Ahhh I was nice with a propper meal! Sat and talked with Charlie, Steffi and Patrick
and got a bit more food from them.
Getting the tent ready for sleep I did not looked forward to put on the soaked boots
tomorrow morning...
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