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Well today it was time to cross this maountain pass that have been talked about so much.
I had a big breakfast and got started at 8:50. It was a bit later then I had hoped for but it should only take 5 hours to cross and get to the next camp.
I had a chat with the park ranger in the morning and he asked me to talk to some of the people I met and to tell them to tell him how it went for me.
The weather was OK in themorning with a bit of blue in the sky and not to much wind. The climb up (800m) that I though was going to be very unsheltered and rocky went mostly in the forset. Of course it was painful for the legs to go up the mountain but it was not at all as hard as I tought it was going to be! The lst 100m climb was unsheltered and had rocks and snow. It took me 2 hours to get up to the highest point on the pass and then I had quite a bit of blue sky above me :) Since the weather here is very unstable and I wasnt that tired I didnt really take a break up at the pass.. I wanted to get down as soon as possible before the weather turned bad.
During my crossing I met over 20 people crossing from the other direction (I was doing it the "wrong" way). Some of them looked like they where going to climb Mount Everest while others where out for an easy daytrip...
Going down was easy as well. Nice and easy trail until it got to the forested area... It was muddy, very muddy and the trekking poles got stuck in roots and mud every time you put them in the ground. The last hours was painfuly frusterating because of this but it wasnt difficult.
Since I got to the Camp Pergo at 13:15 and the weather was great I thought, why not continue to Dickson? So I did continue for another 4 hours. The trail was easy to follow and niced to walk on so it was like stroling in the park. Well the last hour or so I was tired and just wanted to get to the camp.
When I got to Dickson I knew that the camp was going to be closed. I saw some westerners in the refugio so I went inside the house. There was 2 girls and one guy sitting inside having a rest. The owners was also there so we were not alowed to sleep inside. Well not really true, the girls could sleep indoors while me and the other guy had to pitch our tents in the rain...
Some times it is easier being a girl...
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