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Well since I write this is a diary for myself there migth be a little too much info for some people so here is a summary of my 12 nights in Torres Del Paine:

It started quite bad with the guards at the entrance told me that the Circuite was closed and I could only do the W which is a shorter trek. Well I did both the W and the Circuite in 11 days so I am happy.
The hardest part of the trek was the first day from Las Torres to Camp Torres. I had all stuff in the backpack so it was very heavy , around 30kg. Trying to keep up with people that was  carrying less then 20kg was a real pain. I almost got blown of the mountain after 1,5 hours when a very strong wind came from no where at all. From that moment on I was always careful with the winds.
I got to see the Torreses during the sunrise on my second try and they were really quite orange.
Getting over the pass that was closed was not a problem at all. It might have something to do with that my body after 8 days in the park was quite used to walking by then. The view from the pass was nice and I had a nice rainbow over Glacier Grey when I was on the top.
The most beautiful part of the park I felt was the daytrip from Camp Italiano up to Camp Britanico and the viewpoint up there. I had really good weather that day so I was lucky.
A lot of people feel that Glacier Grey is really amazing but I really dont agree with them. I feel that Perito Moreno in El Chalafate is much more impressive and a lot easier to get to.

I spent the last two nights in Camp Serrano south of the park to do some fishing. really comfortable campsite with a beutiful view over the river with the national park in the background. A good place to relax and do nothing.

I was expecting it to be quite a lot of people in the park and it sure was that. If you want to do a nice trek and be a but by youself this is NOT the palce to go. Even though they told us that the Circuite was closed about 10 people clossed the pass every day I was there. I would not like to be here during high season, it would be way to much people. How ever I would like to see the park during winter time...

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