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Back on land again after a amazing time at sea!
We landed in the moring at the port in Ushuaia, Argentina. The trip here was perfect! Crossing the Drake passage from Antartica which is famouse for its bad weather wasnt as bad as we thought it would be. The first day I got a very nice tan laying sunbathing on the front deck. OK I was only taning my face and I got a really nice tan line from my hat. Everyone on the boat was very happy to point this out to me during the next two days.
The second day of the crossing we had no wind and no waves. I tried to get rid of the tanline in the morning but it got a bit cloudy during lunch. We manage to spot some bottle nose dolphins and humpback whales in the calm sea.
Everyone was a bit dissapointed since we had no real bad weather so far during the trip. For us that feelt that way our dreams were to come true! We were heading for Cape Horn at full speed and in the evening the crew started to warn us about bad weather starting at midnight and seasickness pills was a hot tip from them.
Later in the evening it started to get a bit rocky as the wind picked up. Some of us was standing on the bridge watching the boat getting a complete washdown as the spray from the waves hitting the boat reached over the brige (11meters up). We were there until after 01:00 watching this amazing weather.
Next morning  came the interesting part, eating breakfast... During the night the windspeed got over 30meters/sec and the waves got bigger. Far from eveyone had brakfast and a lot of the breakfast ended up on the floor when a wave hit us a bit from the side and sent everything flying from the tables.
When we rounded Cape Horn we had windspeeds way above hurricane (32m/sec) with a peak at 38.4 m/sec. It is really quite surpricing as 40 people of 50 manage to get themself to the bridge to watch the famouse cliffs pass by. I dont think the captain was too happy with all the people on the bridge.
We spent the night laying the Beagle channel waiting for the pilot to come aboard and guide us in to port.
When we got of the ship in Ushuaia I was expecting a very wind weather and dressed way to warm since there was no wind and warm weather. We are sooo lucky with the weather on this trip!
Spent the morning in the national park and headed down town in the afternoon.
Strange how you can spend 3.5 hours on a beach in South Georgia and feel its not enough time while 2 hours on Ushuaia is just too much!

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photo by: xander_van_hoof