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Well Santiago is now behind me. It still feels very strange being part of a group of travlers. Getting on a big nice aircon buss to go to a fancy restaurant together with 48 other people, it is not really like me! The good thing is that I am far from the only one in the group that feel this way. Many of them have traveled more then me and have done it alone. They also like to be in the middle of no where were no sounds from the outside world will reach.
On the way down to Puerto Arenas we flew over the national parks that I am going to do the trekking in. I can sum it up with 3 letters: WOW There was a clea blue sky so we could see the whole parks from the air.
Oh my god did it look nice! Almost felt like skipping the first part of the trip just so I could see more of the parks. Well it was a stupid idea but it did cross my mind.
The flight to the Falkland Islands was 1 hour late and the only thing they server to us during the 2 flights was cookies and peanuts. We got up at 4:45 in the morning and only had a light breakfast. Then the flights... Some people was really hungry when we reached the hotel in Stanely at 4 in the afternoon. Luckely there was lots of snacks to choose from.
We strooled around in the town (2500 people) until 19:00 when we were going to take the zodiac boats to Prof. Multanovski that was going to be our home for the next 16 nights.
Stanely reminden mee a bit of Sorsele. The streets were completely dead, no people except us tourists. But there were plenty of small pups and they were packed with people. That how ever is not like Sorsele!
Be back problem is no manageable when I use Voltaren. I have no proplem functioning as normal.
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photo by: oriel