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Well I got to Santiago and it wasnt a 18 hour flight from Madrid, it was only 12,5 so that was good news.
The bad news is that my back started acting up on the flight here. Now 2 days later I am still in pain all the time... Things could be a lot better! Ive just been to the farmacy and bought some stuff for the pain and to help the muscles relax.
The good news is that the people that are going on this boat trip with me is a bunch of really nice people. The average age is quite high (50+) but the youngest guy is only 14.
The weather here is fine and we have been doing some sightseing today. It feels soooo strange being a part of a big group (49) of people but there is a first time for everything. We get to go to the nice restaurants and drink very good wine. The only real downside is my back problem. How ever I am getting plenty uf help from the people in the group.
- "Do you have any pain medication for your back problem?"
- "No not anything that helps with the pain"
- "DonĀ“t worry there are a bunch of us old people here, we got things you can take..."
I am getting a lot of help from them so I am not worried. And there is a proper doctor onboard the boat.

Tomorrow morning we are flying down to the Falkland Islands and boarding the boat. So that is when the real trip starts! We are all really looking forward to it but getting up at 0500 tomorrow is not so funny.

Time to go to dinner! Have fun at work =)

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There are a lot of birdwatchers in the group. After the mornings buss tour around the city some of us decided to take trip to a park. We were told it was a big park with a lot of birds. What they didn't tell us was that the park also contained an amusementpark, playgrounds, swimming area and a huge paved area that prob was used for military marches.
Imagien 12 tourists all with binoculars looking at a bird just bihind a bench with 2 teenage kids cuddeling... The back pain get really bad in the park. I really wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep.
photo by: Bluetraveler