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The weather is beautiful and the sea is calm. A bit before lunch we could
see South Georgia at the horizon. Still far away it took 4 hours before
we got to the island. The amout of birds following the boat increased as
we got closer and there were both seals and dolfins in the water around
the boat.
South Georgia, what can I say about it? It is totally different from the
Falkland Islands. It is bit mountains going straight up from the ocean.
It reminds me a lot of the fjords in Norway. There is still lots of snow
on the mountains and the view is quite breathtaking!
We went in an ankored in a bay during the afternoon and late in the
afternoon it was time to get in the zodiacs and head for the beach. The
weather was still calm and nice, but it is cold. The beach was filled
with male furseals protecting their teritories along the beach. Putting
50 people on the beach kind of ruined the bordes for the territories.
The guides used paddles to fend of the real angry furseals that can get
to close for comfort. We headed from the beach to the a hill to watch
albatross nesting. The walk up there was very interessting to say the
least. Lots of furseals protecting their territories and a lot of shit
on the ground. No I am not talking about trash on the ground, just plane
shit mixed with some old animal bones... The smell was not the nicest I
have experienced.
Further up on the hill both albatross and penguins were nesting. I got
some really good photos of the animals there but what I tought was the
most impressive thing was the view over the island, totally utterly
amazing views!
When we got back to the boat we lifted ankor and moved along the coast
as the sun set. I'll put it this way, I got some really good photos as
the sun went down behind the mountains!
Oh you for you that might be worried about my back, it is fine and it is
more or less back to normal.
tvillingmarit says:
Cant wait to see photos, hope you will upload some. :)
Posted on: Nov 20, 2007
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