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4:50 am woke up and noticed that the sun was already up. Rushed to get
dressed to go out and take photos of the sunrise. A bit of snow had
fallen during the night so the deck was really slippery you really had
to pay attention to the floor and not just look at the amazing view.
The zodiacs started to leave to the beach at 6 am. We spent 3,5 hours at
the beach and it can be summed up in quite a good way in a comment that
Anders made:
"We are standing in a frozen river of piss and looking at penguins"
To be completely honest it was exactly what we did!
King penguins and a lot of them. Now when I say a lot I really mean it!
We had to keep a minimum distance of 5 m from them. If you stopped for 5
sec the penguins had broken that rule. They are quite curious and they
get very close to you. You have to wathc your back since they have a
tendency to creep up from behind. The weather was amazing, almost no
wind and a temp that was above 0C. I used up 3 batteries for the camera
and shoot around 700 photos with the 2 cameras I had brought. It sure is
going to be hard to beat this morning!
Back to the ship and have a brunch and at 10:30 it was time to go out
again. This time we went to Prion island to look at the nest of
wandering albatross and other birds. Here again I just have to mention
the weather. Imagion an almost perfect day in the Swedish mountains
during eastern but change the animals and make the mountains much
steper. A totally amazing afternoon looking at one of the largest bird
in the world, wingspan up to 3,5 meters!
tvillingmarit says:
Oh jeg missunner deg.
Posted on: Nov 20, 2007
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