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Man its hard to get up in the mornings! Ate the other portion from yesterdays dinner
for breakfast. I wanted to get an early start towards Camp Paso. As usual that
didn't happen. The weather was a bit tricky, cloudy with some rainshowers.
At the viewpoint next to the closest camp I met another guy who went over the pass.
He said it was a bit slippery going down on this side but otherwise no big deal. He
also told me that a group of 13 people was planning to pass over from the other
side. This is perfect for me! If the wether is OK and I can get an early start I
might reach them on the top and then I only have the easiest part left. It would be safer for me to get as far as possible before I meet them on the trail
Had to pass the two rivers without briges. No big deal getting over them as some people had said. The rivers (I would not call them rivers since you can almost jump over them) is easy to cross. The problem is getting down and up from them that is the problem. They have carved a 5 meter deep ditch you have to get in to and out from. As long as you take it easy and are relaxed it is not a problem.
When I got to Camp Paso I was the only one there, the park ranger was gone as well.
I thought I found a good place for the tent but after dinner when it had rained a bit I noticed small pools of water gethering just outside the tent. It would be no fun to have part of the tent in a pool of water in the morning so I had ro move it a bit.
I went real early to bed and the park ranger came by the tent at 20:30. He asked me if I had seen the sign saying that the trail was closed. Yeah ofcourse I saw it. You know that you are doing this at you own risk now? Yes I know that.
I was still abit worried about tomorrow...
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