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I work in healthcare, and sometimes, like today, I have to go to conferences.  This always amuses me.  It's healthcare conference, right, and in the UK it's often in an NHS venue.  But the food?  Reliably, every time I travel to a conference, regardless of venue:

Arrival - coffee with Danish pastry/ sweets/ at this particular conference, little fruit jellies.  They were lush, by the way.

Lunch - mysterious sandwiches, fatty salamis and hams (gorgeous, of course), and three types of cake.   In the UK, mysterious curry stuff with lamb. 

Afternoon coffee - mysterious fried object in samosa pastry.  more coffee.  More pastry.  This time, lovely little squares of nougat. 

And the residential ones? Add, in the UK at least, fried breakfast, complete with bacon, sausage, hash browns, and weird crispy stuff, and dinner, with more cake, and almost inevitably custard.  I love conference food.  But I swear I put on five pounds at every single one.  And it isn't really particularly in line with the NHS's ongoing commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  I have more coffee in my blood than blood at the end of the day. 

Of course, it begs the question - why do the organisers think we need so much food?  Did someone faint once and then sue?  Or are they hoping we get sleepy, dose off, and don't notice the quality of the afternoon speakers don't match the morning?

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photo by: krysleigh