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Over the last week, I was amazed when my friend Brenda (who is from Australia but just moved to England) announced that she's purchased a ticket to come to New York to celebrate my birthday with me!!!  Also, my great friend Lorenzo, who I met in Florence and then again saw in London earlier this year, wants to come as well; he hasn't purchased a ticket yet, but it's looking really good!

I've become VERY  interested in teaching English in China; preferably in Shanghai or the surrounding area.  I've been putting out some resumes, and trying to do the math on if I could afford to pull it off.

Because of that, I've become extra interested in trying some of the snacks in New York's Chinatown, which is the largest Chinatown in the USA.  I want to make sure I can live on the food!  (although we all know food is different when you actually leave the country than it is here when you go to a restaurant)

Still, it seemed like a fun and good idea.  So I've been doing some research, especially for Soup Dumplings, which I have been very interested in trying ever since Tony Bordain went to Shanghai recently on his show and featured them.  They are huge dumplings that are filled with meat and meat jelly.  When steamed, the meat jelly turns back into soup, and so you have a perfectly sealed dumpling with steaming hot soup on the inside!

The idea to the best of my understanding is to put a little vinigar on top, then take a small bite from the top of the dumpling, careful not to spill the hot soup or burn yourself with it.  Then you put a bit more of the vinigar inside the hole you bit, so that it gets into the soup.  Most places it seems gives you a straw, and you then sip the hot soup with the straw and then eat the dumpling itself at the end.

I've read the best stuff so far about Shanghai Cuisine, at 89 Bayard Street.   Phone number is 1 212 732 8988.  They do say, however, the rest of the menu is not so hot... just the dumplings.  We'll see!

sarahelaine says:
tony bourdain is just fab, isn't he?
Posted on: Jan 30, 2008
lrecht says:
Yummmm - we saw that Bourdain episode too - looking forward to hearing about how they tasted!
Posted on: Jan 29, 2008
jenn79 says:
Posted on: Jan 29, 2008
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