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Angkor Wat sunrise, we woke up at 4 AM to get here early

Subject: Message: Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 02:31:31 -0400

We are on our 2nd day of our Angkor Wat adventures. Dang, it is humid &
hot in here. Arty & I are sweating like little piglets. The good thing
about it is I'm losing the weight.

People in here are still very poor. In the gueshouse that we are
staying, some of the staff are sleeping in the lobby area. We do have
good cable TV in our room + the air conditioning is so mandatory. Hey,
can't really complain with little inconveniences bec we just just paying
$18 a night.

The shooting of a rifle in the 4th Troop Range was GREAT! Arty and I are
such hams, we were like taking photos like crazy with the other guns &
bazooka. They didn't want me to take smoe bullet shells for souveiners
but some of it fell in my bag (he, he, he).

The Bayon Temples with Cambodian dancers
Using a semi-automatic rifle
is a RUSH!

Walking to Angkor Wat on Tues morning was like the movies. I coudn't
believe that I was finally there. We are allowed to touch the temples and stones! I like the sensory of touching and seeing history. Angkor
Thom was next. We ended up buying a comprehensive picture & history
guide book as a souveiner. The tourist are always ambushed by sellers
near the sites. They even know how to speak English.

This morning, Weds, we are at Angkor at 5:30 am to watch the sunrise. We
are suppose to watch the sunset later too. The Bayon temples are my
favorite. This site has the best complete tower faces temples. We also
bumped into elephants at the entrance to Bayon. They are so CUTE. Yes, I
have photos with them.

I'm planning to get a typical Khmer body massage hopefully by tomorrow.
It is only $4 an hour compared to $7 in Bangkok. I think I have a sore
throat too bec it hurts when I swallow food.

Arty and I are really having a blast. I'm glad that she volunteer to
travel with me while her GF is away to Sweden for 1 month. My trip would
never be the same with out her.  Heading to Thailand soon.

Hoping to get to the beach. I want a TAN before I get back.

best, Arlene

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Angkor Wat sunrise, we woke up at …
Angkor Wat sunrise, we woke up at…
The Bayon Temples with Cambodian d…
The Bayon Temples with Cambodian …
The Bayon Temples - entrance
The Bayon Temples - entrance
A garuda bas relief
A garuda bas relief
The naga statue (7 snakehead)
The naga statue (7 snakehead)
Bas reliefs
Bas reliefs
The guards infront on Angkor Tom
The guards infront on Angkor Tom
Bas reliefs
Bas reliefs
Good morning infront of Angkor Wat…
Good morning infront of Angkor Wa…
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