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The train ride was good but it was all day.  My first part was between Valencia and Madrid and it departed at 1125am.  I had accidently purchased tourist class, the cheaper fare, and found it a little cramped, no different then on a plane.  My EuroRail pass was 1st class because, from what I had read, that was the only one I qualified for since I was over 26 years old and not part of a group.  I could have made a reservation for the 1st class area but had failed to so before my next leg, Madrid to Granada I did this.  As a tip to future travellers, make sure that you have the correct reservation in advance because you cannot change this by the internet and the lines are always long at the train stations.  Changeing it was the best thing I did though because the trip was 6 hours long and could have been miserable in tourist class.  1st class is the way to go and it only cost me an additional 3€ (yes three euros) to upgrade.  The next leg didn´t leave until 5pm from Madrid.

Once in town I had a bit of an adventure.  I didn´t arrive until 11pm and had called my hostel to tell them I would be late.  I took a cab to the nearest plaza, knowing from Valencia and Barcelona that the streets are often small and confusing, and walked to the hostel that was unmarked.  Thank god for addresses.  When I spoke with them they clearly didn´t know who I was and I quickly discovered that my hostel had moved.  With directions in hand I went to what I thought was the correct hostel.  Once there they didn´t know who I was either.  I was pretty confident that I was at the right place and they were able to get me in. 

The next day I looked over things and found that I was in fact at the wrong hostel.  Damn.  The hostel I stayed over night at (the Oasis Backpacker´s Hostel) was so good that I nearly begged to stay and they were able to accomodate me.  I´m sure that the original hostel will charge me for the first night but that´s okay.  The Oasis is nice enough that I don´t want to move.  Thankfully they have space for me. 

I´ve made a reservation for the alhambra today so I´ll be sure to get some photos which I´ll eventually post and comment on. 

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