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Today I visited the Royal Palace.  Very big and nice but they only let you see part of it.  It was really nice and one of the rooms you see is the place where the 1991 Middle East Peace Confrence took place.  Also as part of it you can see the Royal Pharmacy and the Royal Armoury.  Both were interesting as well.

From there I tried to see the neighboring church, but it was closed for siesta.  I still haven't gotten used to the siesta thing, even after 3 weeks.  I can't stay up late, wake up early, take a nap, and then stay up late again.  It wears me out...maybe that's why people here are so thin. 

From the church I ended up trying to go to the Warner Bros theme park.  It is about an hour outside of Madrid and once I got there it was already 7pm and they close at 10p so I decided I would try to go tomorrow with a trip to Toledo in the morning followed by a trip to the theme park in the early afternoon when the price goes down.

After my experience last night I went to the bar at the hostel again.  This time I spoke with a mixed group from australia, the UK, and belgium.  The guy from belguim spoke very little english but tried and we were able to converse.  This group decided to go out to another bar so I moved over to another table and spoke with some people from Australia.  They wanted to talk some politics which didn't suprise me because several of the Canadians I had met mentioned that europens tend to enjoy that especially with the US because the US is generally not liked right now.  That was the case here too.  It was interesting to see their point of view and I quickly learned that their press did not tell everything and that the little history of the Iraq war I knew was new to them and made them think a bit.  They spoke very highly of former president Clinton and really wanted Gore to win during his election, they liked him too. 

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photo by: vulindlela